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The Original

Foundation 101 is the original fundamentals vocal course - since 2014.

Learn about placement. Learn about vowel formation. Twang. Mixed Voice. Vocal Health. Extending your range. Increasing your volume. Improving your tone. Developing head voice. Mastering The Four Vocal Fundamentals. Warming up the voice and SO much more.

One better than that, this special pack contains the original Foundation 101 course AND the advanced Growth 101 singing course where you'll learn about vowel modification, compression, power, practical application and SO much more!

For the next 30 minutes only, the Foundation 101 and Growth 101 course pack is half price.

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Foundation 101 is AMAZING!


Kegan is the master of vocal training... PERIOD.


Top shelf sing-ninja wisdom! All kinds of awesome.


Foundation 101 Vocal Course & Growth 101 Vocal Course
$360 50% off

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