Find singing difficult? THIS is like steroids for your voice.

Finding it hard learning how to sing? This is like


Learning how to sing is hard. REALLY hard.

I get it.

The straining. The struggling.

Being pulled in 500 different directions by YouTube gurus.

Should you focus on Compression? Do you need Open Throat technique? Vowel Modification? Modes? This method? That method? Blah blah blah.

What about lessons?

What about courses?

“Compression! Oh my god, this is finally it” – until you realise it wasn’t the answer

“Twang! Oh my god, this is the one!” – until you realise it isn’t the answer

“Modes! Wow, this is the secret!” – until you realise they aren’t the answer

^ And yet you find yourself back at square one in six months time having wasted your time practicing yet another vocal workout that does zero to help you build a better voice.

Look, most singers in the position that you’re currently in have a big case of “shiny object syndrome”, a touch of ADD, a healthy dose of disbelief and skepticism and a little sprinkle of “I can totally just work this out myself”.

Until you realise you can’t actually work it all out yourself

I’ve got two words for you; Rats Nest.

Basically, that’s what your singing technique is like currently yeah?

A bit of this.

A bit of this.

Some string and a bit of duct tape holding it together.

Some bandaid solutions.

Some workarounds.

Basically – a rat’s nest.

You’re reading this right now because you’re unhappy with the state of your voice – your singing ability really isn’t where and how you want it to be.

And I can relate.

I had the same frustration, the same “rats nest” approach to technique where I had cherry picked the things I thought made the most sense and had created a frankenstein approach that was as confusing and convoluted as it was pointless and inefficient.

And I want to fix it for you.

Basically, it’s what I do – and have been doing professionally for over a decade.

But you’re not here to talk about me, where here to talk about STEROIDS for your voice.

And there’s four doses you need to take;

  • Height in the vocal tract
  • Forward placement
  • All in one flow
  • Tonal intent

Watch the video below for your first shot, then click the link below to join my free vocal plan to get the full course of “vocal steroids”






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