Frequently Asked Questions

Can you listen to my clip?/Do you offer vocal appraisals?

Yes. You can join the free private Mixed Voice Singing FB group and share clips for feedback and appraisal.

Premium Membership

Premium membership ensures that you receive ongoing teaching and support from Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio. A premium membership will also provide you with access to premium tools like the Vowel Translator, Consonant Guides and upcoming booster courses. Premium tools are still growing, so please bear with us while we build more courses and tools for you.

Premium membership also offers the best value for sessions and come at a hefty discount compared to ad-hoc sessions.

How do I sign up for premium?

You can sign up here.

I’ve signed up for premium but haven’t received my Skype credit yet?

Please allow up to 24 hours for credit to show in your calendar account. Please let me know if your credit hasn’t arrived.

I haven’t used up all my sessions and the month is nearly over.

Monthly credit doesn’t accumulate. Please make sure to lock in your sessions as soon as possible to ensure you make the best of your monthly credit.

Where are the courses?

The vowel translator, booster courses and consonant guide are available in the premium menu at the top of your screen. More premium booster courses are being released in early 2019.

How long am I committing for?

Your premium membership is ongoing and you will have access to the tools, booster courses and credit as long as your membership is active. You can cancel at any time.

Can I cancel?

Yep – just make sure to cancel before your next payment. Your membership and access will immediately become inactive the moment you cancel.

Refunds/I forgot that I signed up/I’ve changed my mind

Session credit not used within four weeks of your last membership payment is forfeit and can not be refunded or extended.

Gift Vouchers

Do you offer gift vouchers?/How do I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes! Gift vouchers can purchased for someone other than yourself – just let me know after you’ve purchased a session and I’ll sign over the credit and provide you with a voucher that can be emailed or printed.

How long are Gift Vouchers valid for?

Gift Vouchers and standard credit purchased through Bohemian Vocal Studio is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase. If you’d like a voucher extended beyond 6 months, please contact me before this timeframe is up.

Can I transfer the voucher back to cash or have my voucher refunded?



Do you offer Skype lessons?

Absolutely! Skype is now my #1 method of teaching at Bohemian Vocal Studio. You can book a Skype session with me personally by purchasing credit and booking a time in the BVS Skype Calendar.

Do you offer face-to-face sessions?

As of 2019, we no longer offer face-to-face sessions. Please book a Skype session if you wish to meet with me.

How do I book a session?

Use the booking calendar.

Do you block out regular sessions/hold spots/guarantee my spot?

No – my Skype calendar is first in first served! Purchase a session and lock in your spot as soon as possible.

What happened to all the specials?

All our specials have now moved over to premium members exclusively. You can check out our premium packs and discounts here.

I’d like a refund/I no longer want lessons

Please choose your sessions carefully, I’m unable to offer refunds for sessions that haven’t been booked or vouchers than have expired.

I have a session now – but you’re not available on Skype?

Please note that Australia is generally half a day, or more, ahead of most timezones worldwide, so please take special care when you book in a session to take note of the DATE of the session when you click on an available spot. For example, Friday morning in Brisbane is actually Thursday afternoon in New York. The booking calendar will provide you with a conversion when you click on an open spot, but remember, the main calendar time remains in Brisbane, Australia time.

Important! Terms and conditions

Missed/late sessions

The booking calendar will allow you to change/cancel a session up to 24 hours before the time, but any late or missed sessions will be forfeit.

Changing times/dates

Rescheduling your sessions is totally cool! For a Skype session, you can change your time/cancel the session in the booking calendar within 24 hours before the booking.

To get the best out of your sessions

Leave it at the door

If you’ve picked up a few things from YouTube or you’ve been taught by another teacher previously – that’s fantastic, but please leave it at the door. If you’re hung up on singing in ‘modes’ and things like ‘overdrive’, then we’re totally going to run into problems along the way because I don’t teach this approach to singing. Quite often, the biggest issues people face while learning to sing is the fact they’re trying to do something without knowing the correct way to do it – ie: trying to sing with a ‘deep’ or ‘heavy’ voice before knowing how to control their voice properly, or singing with vowel modification without understanding how resonant space alters the character of your vowel. Please give me the chance to help you!

Practice, practice, practice

I absolutely LOVE teaching singing, just as much as I love singing itself. But, if there’s one thing that makes it a total chore for me, it’s students who simply don’t practice or work on the concepts we’ve discussed between sessions.┬áSeriously, if you don’t practice, you won’t improve!

Take it slow

Zero to hero makes fools of us both. Take your time, remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day, you need to build and develop your voice just like you would a muscle at the gym, a building from foundations and a cake from a recipe.

Ask questions

I absolutely LOVE questions! Ask away, I truly want to help you build a powerful voice. The only stupid question is the one that wasn’t asked…. you can ask a question in the Student Resource center in the main menu bar and I’ll help you!

If you’re unhappy/didn’t get what you wanted from your session or course

In my own experience with learning how to sing (20 years) and now coaching (10+), I’ve discovered that there is no ‘magic bullet’ or ‘secret’ to better singing other than continual training, short term goals and applying yourself to the process.

Refund policy

All session and course purchases are final and non refundable. Please ensure you’ve read the FAQ and watched a few of my free YouTube tutorials first before purchasing a session or course first to ensure you’re ready for my style of coaching.

Foundation 101

The Foundation 101 singing course is designed as an introductory course to the method and teaching approach I apply here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – it is intended for use along with regular coaching and isn’t a “one size fits all approach” like many other more generic courses out there. I believe person to person coaching is the only truly effective method to improve your singing, so the Foundation 101 course and booster courses/premium tools are intended as tools to help you with your ongoing training here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

There’s nothing ‘new’ in the course/I want a refund

The information and approach in Foundation 101 course is extremely valuable to any singer who takes their voice seriously. If you have previously done a different singing course, you may find nothing ‘new’ in the course – this is because Foundation 101 is a ‘foundation’ course that sets you up for the Foundation/Growth/Balance approach to singing which will be continued in a premium membership. There is no ‘secret’ to singing that is being held back from you, learning how to sing better is simply a process of education and application of the FGB approach to singing.

The time, effort and care put in to the course and the subsequent levels of my approach means I’m unable to provide a refund if you’ve simply used another basics course in the past and find similar information.


I am predominantly a vocal coach that works with singers and students on an on-going basis, I’m not a guru selling a secret method. The secret to great singing is applying yourself to the concept and method you’re studying – it’s really up to you to make the most of our sessions together. Without your hard work and dedication, I obviously can’t guarantee you’ll succeed – but with time and patience, you will see an increase in range and improvement in your tone.

I make no claim to guarantee any success with your voice, I’m simply here to help and guide you along the way. By booking a session at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you agree to take responsibility for your own vocal health and progress. Bohemian Vocal Studio isn’t responsible for any issues you experience if you’re not applying and following the coaching and advice provided. I am not a doctor or voice specialist, I am a vocal coach and singer – if you are experiencing physical issues with your voice, it’s your responsibility to seek professional advice. Bohemian Vocal Studio is not responsible for any strain or vocal damage caused by improper use of the techniques, nor are we responsible for your progress and success. You only have one voice, it’s your responsibility to take care of it.

If you have any questions about learning how to sing or have a query about booking a Skype Session with Bohemian Vocal Studio, please leave any feedback below or get in contact with me directly.