How To Sing In Mixed Voice

How To Sing In Mixed Voice

Hi, I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio! If you’re experiencing vocal strain, a lack of high range or you’ve been struggling to find your mix voice, I totally understand your frustration – for many years I struggled with vocal strain and tension, fought against my naturally low voice, lacked high range, hated my tone and chased after that elusive ‘mix voice’ tone until I discovered and developed the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach to singing which I’m about to share with you in this exclusive Mixed Voice singing lesson. By setting up a rock solid Foundation in the beginning stages of singing, you can then grow strength and develop Mixed Voice resonance and other important stage 2 elements in singing like Support, strength, intensity, range and tonal quality with ease and confidence.

The Best vocal coach ever! Before sessions with Kegan I knew a lot about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy KTVA and other methods) but couldn’t use what I know. I wasn’t able to apply over-complicated concepts and simply thought that I just have no talent for singing. Sessions with Kegan HELPS me sing songs and understand my voice and use it in way that I always dreamed. – Иван (2019)

What is Mixed Voice – How Do You Get it?

Mixed Voice occurs when you blend frequencies from your chest register with frequencies from your Head Voice – allowing you to retain the rich depth of your chest register while enjoying the extensive range afforded by Head Voice. Mix Voice is the result of healthy technique and proper vowel and resonance production. One of the key elements of finding your true voice and ultimately your mixed register is to develop balance between the TA and CT muscles – the thyroarytenoid and cricothyroid muscles, or more simply put “balance between weight and tension” in the vocal folds.

By starting with this initial balance and connection, you will set your voice up for continued and sustained growth in your ability to sing well. You will also find that mix voice becomes a very important and powerful element to your voice that will allow you to connect chest and head voice into one long and fluid note from your lowest to highest pitch, along with achieving that powerful but pleasant tone that many professional singers are praised for.

If you’re sick of straining and pushing on high notes like I too once was, mixed voice really is the key to an efficient, powerful and professional singing voice. Developing a powerful mix voice first requires you to set up a rock-solid vocal foundation just like I did many years ago by focusing on each individual element of the voice and learning to balance your onsets, resonance, vowels and other aspects of great vocal technique.

Ready to Fix Your Mix?

Being unsatisfied with the inefficient standard learning curve that many singers like you and I face when learning how to sing, I finally decided to create my own unique approach to singing and coaching – the Foundation, Growth and Balance approach which has been designed with 20 years of singing experience and over a decade of professional coaching expertise under my belt. The Foundation 101 course is the initial stage of this powerful and proven approach to singing prowess, and in the course you will learn how to:

The FGB Vocal Learning Curve
  • Connect chest and head voice into one fluid range
  • Create mixed resonance
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Balance your vocal onset for consistency and power
  • Place your frequencies for more efficient resonance
  • Warm up your voice effectively
  • Manage your breathing
  • Develop your voice with over 60 minutes of tutorial videos and warmups
  • SO much more!

When you change the standard “Stuck in a rut” learning curve that many vocal methods employ into the proven Foundation, Growth and Balance approach, you’ll see that the learning curve becomes one much more proportional between the time, effort and training you invest in your voice – and the ongoing progress and gains that you enjoy.

Each of the vocal elements required to build a powerful and impressive voice are covered in depth in my Foundation 101 singing course, which I’m super pleased to offer to you at an exclusive discount at a fraction of the usual cost to other singers to ensure that you have the same specialised skills and techniques that I’ve developed over the past 20 years of singing and past decade of coaching professionally so that you can learn to sing with the same freedom and enjoy the continual progress that this approach has afforded me.

Foundation 101 Singing Course – $180 $90

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with a vocal method designed specifically with your voice in mind that will allow you to overcome the unique challenges you face while learning to sing? My foundation 101 singing course is going to change your life by showing you how to sing effective vocal onsets, achieve mix voice, form your vowels properly, support your voice and SO much more!

 Kegan is the master of vocal training… period – Derek (2019)
 I recently bought your course and I can feel the resonance/placement into my head and it’s super cool – Alec (2018)
 If you want to sing rock or blues… THIS is the guy! – Mau (2016)
 Wow! Very useful – Vesna (2018)
Seeing lots of progress in such a short amount of time! – Chris (2019)

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