Exclusive Baritone Singing Lesson

Exclusive Baritone Singing Lesson

The Best vocal coach ever! Before sessions with Kegan I knew a lot about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy KTVA and other methods) but couldn’t use what I know. I wasn’t able to apply over-complicated concepts and simply thought that I just have no talent for singing. Sessions with Kegan HELPS me sing songs and understand my voice and use it in way that I always dreamed.


Hi, I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio! As a baritone myself, I personally struggled to learn how to sing for a very, very long time – but when I learned what I’m about to share with you in this special lesson, the whole game absolutely changed for me as a singer and the gates of possibility for my voice were opened forever.

Not only do I now write, perform and sing the music I could have only ever dreamed of as a professional musician, but I’ve also started helping fellow baritones and low-voiced singers just like you from all around the world to achieve the same freedom with their voice so that they can enjoy the same level of success, extensive range and power that I possess now that my voice has finally been unlocked.

If you have a naturally deep voice like me, then it’s likely you’re already aware of the unique challenges faced when learning how to sing with a low voice. In this exclusive singing lesson, I’m going to share with you the solution to ALL of these challenges and so much more. This lesson isn’t available on YouTube, or anywhere else on the website – it’s a special lesson available here only.

  • Learn how to connect chest and head voice into one fluid and smooth range (no more vocal break!)
  • Unlock your true voice with powerful resonance so you can sing with power and freedom
  • Learn to form your vowels correctly for completely strain free singing
  • Increase your range exponentially – stop pushing chest and unlock your real voice
  • Develop finesse as a singer with balanced onsets for laser focused consistency
  • Learn how to sing in mix voice so you can escape the chains of your baritone voice

This special lesson is designed specifically for your voice by someone who understands your voice! When you’re ready to learn the solution to all of the challenges you face as a low voiced singer.

Start Singing Better Today

Remember, singing truly should be a simple, easy and joyous process. If you’re fighting your voice and struggling against your naturally deep voice, you simply haven’t found the right set of keys to unlock your voice yet! Learning to unlock your voice is easy with the process I’m about to share with you in this special lesson designed for low voiced singers only.

Each of these vocal elements is covered in depth in my Foundation 101 singing course, which I’m super pleased to offer to you at an exclusive discount at a fraction of the usual cost to other singers to ensure that you have the same specialised baritone skills and techniques that I’ve developed over the past 20 years of singing so that you can learn to sing with the same freedom and continual progress that this approach has afforded me.

Foundation 101 Singing Course – $125 $28

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with a vocal method designed specifically with your voice in mind that will allow you to overcome the unique challenges you face while learning to sing? My foundation 101 singing course is going to change your life by showing you how to sing effective vocal onsets, achieve mix voice, form your vowels properly, support your voice and SO much more!

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