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Break The Baritone Curse

With The Foundation 101 Course

If you have a naturally deep voice like me, then it's likely you're already aware of the unique challenges faced when learning how to sing with a low voice. Over many years of struggling against my low voice I bought courses, books, CD's, DVD's and took singing lessons with some of the best voice coaches out there - seeing very little progress until I realised that very few methods out there were designed specifically for my voice BY someone who actually understood baritone issues such as:

  • A limited baritone range
  • Strain and tension
  • Vocal breaks, flips and cracks
  • Excess vocal fold weight
  • A raised, tense or painful larynx
  • Heavy pronunciation
  • A lack or resonance
  • Lack of connection between Chest and Head voice
  • Unnecessary contraction of the Vocalis, Hyoid and Digrastric muscles
  • A bad vocal tone
  • Inability to sing actual songs
  • SO many more "low voice" problems

How to Break the Baritone Curse

After so many years of struggling, I finally developed my own approach to singing, and ultimately my own method for teaching other singers how to achieve the same freedom, extensive range and success that I had achieved with the simple process of Foundation, Growth and Balance - breaking down the difficult learning curve that sees so many Baritone singers just like you and me give up due to frustration and disappointment.

Each of these vocal elements is covered in depth in my Foundation 101 singing course, which I'm super pleased to offer to you at an exclusive discount at a fraction of the usual cost to other singers to ensure that you have the same specialised baritone skills and techniques that I've developed over the past 20 years of singing so that you can learn to sing with the same freedom and continual progress that this approach has afforded me.

Foundation 101 Singing Course

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with a vocal method designed specifically with your voice in mind that will allow you to overcome the unique challenges you face while learning to sing? My foundation 101 singing course is going to change your life by showing you how to sing effective vocal onsets, achieve mix voice, form your vowels properly, support your voice and SO much more!

After 2 months of working on Foundation 101 I felt like I was learning to sing all over again. Really important fundamentals I was never taught that have set me up for singing freely up in my high range in a way I thought wasn't possible for me!


Kegan is a great teacher with a huge knowledge and pedagogical talent. If you want to sing rock at the highest level choose BVS!


Foundation 101 is AMAZING!


Break The Baritone Curse

With The Foundation 101 Course

What You'll Learn In Foundation 101

Foundation 101 is designed around the principles of The Four Vocal Fundamentals; in particular how to develop a balanced and strong foundation for your voice so that you will see continued progress in your singing as you develop and build each concept.

The Four Vocal Fundamentals are as follows;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • "All In One Flow"
  • Mixed Tonality
  • Forward Placement

The course builds on these four fundamental setup steps to help you connect chest and head voice while creating mixed resonance and a strain free tone through your full range.

Divided into three easy-to-follow stages; The Informative, The Setup and The Practical - Foundation 101 really is one of the most well organised, easy to follow and practical vocal courses available and has continued to receive rave reviews from singers of all walks of life including many other singing teachers looking to better their technique and teaching approach.

If you're serious about improving your voice and can't wait to get started - you can click the link above to purchase the course and get started building a better voice right now.

Instead of me continually telling you just how great it is to sing with such effortless freedom and power, let me show you with a few quick examples of what I'm personally achieving now that I've mastered The Four Vocal Fundamentals taught within the course - just imagine the incredible singing voice you're going to enjoy once you've mastered your foundation!

Break The Baritone Curse

With The Foundation 101 Course