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eBook Library

Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s eBook Library. Here you’ll find all of our downloadable content and eBooks and singing guides. Simply click on the eBook of your choice to download your copy. When you click on “return to seller’s website” your eBook will begin downloading automatically – please contact us if you have any trouble downloading the book or would like a PDF instead of the enclosed ePUB file.

Buzz-Words De-Buzzed $2.99

Buzz-Words De-Buzzed is the first Bohemian Vocal Studio eBook and explains complicated, outdated singing techniques like Appoggio in a simple and practical way so that you can actually apply it to your singing. Singing terms like Chiaroscuro are often figurative or abstract in nature, and only serve to create mystery and ‘magic’ around singing technique and the courses that claim to hold the secret to great singing, but really just use these techniques as marketing terms. Are you ready for those complicated buzz-words like Open Throat to be de-buzzed?

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