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Easy Singing Lessons


What if I told you there was an EASY way to sing.

You know, a “red pill” and “blue pill” kind thing where you can either just keep your blinders on while hammering away with those useless youtube singing lessons, ‘voice coach reacts’ videos and pointless tips like “yawn before you sing!” – or, instead you can slam that blue pill and unlock an insane amount of range and unleash a whole new world of power in your singing?

You’re entering the vocal matrix.

You’re at the crossroads.

The crux.

I’m about to share with you what 99% of other voice coaches would never DARE tell you – for fear that you wouldn’t need their services anymore. That you wouldn’t buy their course. That you wouldn’t pay $$$$$$ for singing lessons where they STILL don’t tell you what I’m about to share with you completely free.

It’s a harsh reality – but it’s the reality many people face while learning how to sing.

It was my reality.

I spent well over $15,000 on singing lessons as a beginner, struggling, straining, awful singer – and not ONE singing teacher that I was paying top dollar for shared with me the simple but POWERFUL trick that has absolutely changed everything for me as a singer.

You’re probably sick of people telling you about techniques that you don’t understand, techniques that only they can do, techniques that are a total mystery to you.

“The answer is in my course!” they say.

“I’m the greatest in the world” they say.

But you continue struggling, straining and lacking any real progress as a singer.

^ Because that’s the “old way” of marketing. It’s all about the guru vocal coach, and never about your singing voice.

I’m getting riled up about it as we’re speaking, so let me save you the time of reading what you probably already know but actually SHOWING YOU how to sing better. SHOWING YOU how I went from a total D class shitty singer. SHOWING YOU the approach that really works. And most importantly, actually SHOWING YOU how to do it yourself – not just talking about it then demanding you buy something from me to learn how to do it.

Seriously, you’re about to learn more in a <10 minute video than you’ve probably learned in YEARS of surfing the YouTube loop of video after video after video while learning absolutely nothing about becoming a better singer.

Watch the video below to learn the #1 most important thing you’re EVER going to learn as a singer. 

Oh yeah, there’s also a super embarrassing “before and after” of my own voice.

Watch the video to take the blue pill:

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