Easy singing lessons on line

Easy singing lessons on line

Since opening in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the premier online singing studio – providing easy singing lessons on line that are practical, powerful and personalised. With a speciality coaching ‘difficult’ voice types and extensive experience working with all manner of accents and languages, Kegan’s studio has coaches students all across America, Europe, Asia and Australia – reaching hundreds of locations each month with online singing lessons.

How do online singing lessons work?

Singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio are held over Skype (or Zoom), which is a free application you can download on your smartphone, PC or tablet – all you need is a stable internet connection! You likely already have everything needed for an online singing lesson sitting in front of you right now;

  • PC/Smartphone/Tablet
  • Reliable internet connection
  • Headphones/earbuds (optional)

How can I book an online singing lesson?

You can book an online singing lesson with Bohemian Vocal Studio by using the online booking calendar. Simply set up an account, purchase your preferred session length and lock in an available time. Keep in mind the calendar will stay in AEST (brisbane) time, but your chosen timezone will also show up in light grey when you click on an available slot. You can also use WorldTimeBuddy to convert your time to Brisbane AEST if you like – otherwise you can get in touch with me and I’ll suggest the best crossover time for us both.

Can you help me with my accent?

Absolutely, I have experience coaching singing students with all kinds of accents – from thick Eastern European, through to various American accents, Asian, Australian and all throughout Europe/Spain/England/France etc. No matter your voice type or native tongue, I can help you build a POWERFUL singing voice with easy singing lessons on line!

What if I have a very low (or high) voice!

Personally as a low baritone, I understand the unique issues faced by a non-standard voice type, and truly grasp that most courses and coaches out there simply ‘don’t get it’ when it comes to your voice being different – thankfully, I’ve spent over 15+ years developing my own approach to singing which caters to ANY voice type and any accent – I’ve even coached students in their native tongue how to sing songs in Swedish, Polish, Spanish and many other languages. Great singing technique is great singing technique!

You’ll see, even as a low baritone myself – I’m capable of very comfortably singing up into the tenor range without pushing, yelling or straining. I often coach female students singing Whitney Houston, Adele and Aretha Franklin – there really is no limit to the range you can build with Bohemian Vocal Studio!

What is the cost of singing lessons

Singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio are very competitive and reasonable – considering other coaches charge in the hundreds for a single session, or make you buy their expensive courses before they’ll even answer your email. You can see my full pricing and session costs in the booking store, and I often run specials each week/month and also run flash sales when I can so you always get the BEST deal on the cost of singing lessons.

Learn how to sing better

Learn how to sing better with Bohemian Vocal Studio’s easy singing lessons on line – with a simple, steps-based approach to singing, your voice will be consistent, powerful and growing constantly. Some key techniques you’ll learn with easy singing lessons on line at Bohemian Vocal Studio:

  • Learn how to sing in mix voice
  • Vowel tuning and vowel modification
  • Diaphragmatic breathing and breath support
  • Resonance, placement and twang
  • Songs, songs, songs!
  • So much more!

Private singing lessons with BVS will improve your tone, increase your range, give you confidence, power, consistency and SO much more. Sing higher notes than you imagined by tuning your vowels, releasing strain and negotiating your registers the RIGHT way – no more pushing, straining or shouting required!

Hitting high notes

Hitting high notes requires understaind and implementation of two key points – tuned vowels and register control. You can learn how to tune your vowel with easy singing lessons on line here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, and register control is actually the very FIRST thing I’ll show you when you book an online singing lessons with me here at BVS.

Hitting high notes with prowess and confidence really is the ‘magic’ that makes a powerful and professional singing voice – noone likes to see a singer going red in the face or wobbling out of control on their high pitch, so it’s important that you are hitting high notes in the right manner and following the steps designed by Kegan here at Bohemian Vocal Studio;

  1. Release your registers
  2. Place your frequencies
  3. Build your vowels
  4. Tune your vowels
  5. Train your consonants
  6. Coordinate coordinate coordinate!
  7. Rinse and repeat…

It really is that simple and easy to learn how to sing – easy singing lessons on line with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio really is the best way to learn how to sing, and with the ongoing support provided after your lesson, you’ll never get stuck hitting high notes again!

Learn how to sing online

Learn how to sing online with Bohemian Vocal Studio’s extensive resource or singing tutorials, and ever-growing YouTube channel, with new videos released each week you can make a start and learn how to sing online at the click of a button!

Learn how to sing in mix voice, learn how to modify vowels, increase your range and improve your voice with weekly singing tutorials from Bohemian Vocal Studio, and get your tips of the week by signing up to the BVS newsletter. Be the FIRST to hear about the latest webinars and learn how to sing online with our free tutorials.

How can I learn how to sing online?

You can learn how to sing online with Bohemian Vocal Studio by setting up an account in the booking calendar below, purchasing the session length of your choosing and then locking in your preferred time – it really IS that easy to learn singing online with Bohemian Vocal Studio!

What singing technique is the best?

Here at BVS you’ll learn only proper singing techniques and learn to improve singing technique the RIGHT way using simple to follow steps that will ensure consistency, power and most of all, a HEALTHY voice. Good singing technique starts with foundation, including your posture, diaphragmatic breathing and how to sing with resonance. As your singing progresses, we’ll develop more advanced vocal training techniques like vowel tuning, placement, consonants and learning the right formant for the style of singing you prefer.

I want to sing ROCK!

As a seasoned ‘Rock Guy’ – I absolutely understand the allure of a powerful ROCK voice, and fortunately for you, I understand both the classical approach to singing, and have also studied the technique of the TOP rock singers from Chris Cornell, Paul Rodgers, David Coverdale and Robert Plant so that I am able to teach rock singing lessons with only the BEST rock singing techniques available. You might be surprised to find that your favourite rock singers like Chris Cornell were actually VERY well trained singers who spent years honing their craft.

Can you teach me POP singing technique?

While the aesthetic might be a little different, some POP singers really do know how to sing, from Stevie Nicks and Adele to Bruno Mars – healthy singing technique will have you singing POP and RnB in no time. I often teach pop singers and have coaches singers to appear on The Voice, X-Factor and other singing competitions, along with musical theater and shows such as Fiddler on the Roof, Shrek and many other large productions!

Beginner singing lessons

Along with coaching touring professionals and advanced singers with years of experience – Bohemian Vocal Studio as provides beginner singing lessons for those of you who have the passion, but no experience singing. Beginner singing lessons are a personal favourite of mine because I can start you out with a clean slate and the BEST singing technique before any bad habits are built.

Beginner singing lessons are super easy with Bohemian Vocal Studio – with Kegan’s practical steps-based approach to powerful singing, you will extend your range, improve your tone and sing with consistency, confidence and power!

Is there a secret to singing consonants?

It’s not so much a ‘secret’ – it’s more of an approach to consonants that I use to allow my students to sing ANY song, even if they possess a thick spoken accent. Check out the video below for a short introduction to my approach to consonant sounds:

So you’ll see, it’s not a ‘trick’ to singing consonants, it’s simply healthy technique that you’ll learn here at Bohemian Vocal Studio with easy singing lesson on line. You TOO can sing with power, ease, an extensive range, confidence and consistency when you follow Kegan’s steps-based method to singing.

Voice training lessons with BVS are easy, simple and practical to follow, affordable and competitively priced – if you’re ready to POWER UP your singing voice and access that difficult high range, sing with the confidence of the pros and really unleash your inner resonance, you can book a session with me today and I’ll SHOW you how it’s done!

Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the premier singing studio for voice singing lessons and rock singing lessons worldwide. Book in now to secure your spot with the fastest growing singing studio in the world!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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