Do Online Vocal Lessons Work?

Do Online Vocal Lessons Work?

Online Vocal Lessons really do allow you to access the very best vocal coaching available in the world – even if there is no local singing teacher available in your area. Why go local when you can go global?

Hi, I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio – I started Bohemian Vocal Studio in 2010 out of frustration at the lack of resources out there designed for singers like me who might have different voice types, a different accent, have tried courses and programs without luck or simply can’t find a good singing teacher in their local area.

I spent many years and way too much money buying books, courses and CD’s online, but really struggled to apply what was learned in the course in a theoretical sense into actual practical singing, and found that quite a few methods out there weren’t really suitable for my low baritone voice type or my Australian accent – this is why I’ve designed the Foundation, Growth, Balance approach to singing to ensure ongoing progress for any singer with any voice type, accent or ability level.
[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″][/one_half]By first setting up a rock solid foundation for your voice, you will bypass the usual “stage two rut” that many singers fall into once the exciting shine of a new course or vocal method wears off and you realise it’s the same old exercises and same old information that sounds great, but doesn’t make YOU sound great when you sing – until now!

Online Vocal Lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio are helping singers just like you all around the world build a great foundation and grow their voices with the simple and proven process of Foundation first. You can get started building a powerful vocal foundation with our Foundation 101 singing course, or you can book online vocal lessons with me directly in the online booking calendar in the menu at the top of the page.

Online Vocal Lessons

Using Skype or Zoom you can book a personal online vocal lesson with me in the comfort of your own home. No matter where you are in the world, you can meet with the very best in vocal coaching with a simple click of a button – all you need is a smart device like a laptop or phone and a decent internet connection (I’m on a dedicated 5G channel personally!).

[one_half padding=”0 10px 0 0″][/one_half]The first stage in your online vocal lessons is to gauge your technique and experience as a singer so that a plan can be formed for your ongoing progress – don’t worry, it’s a painless process! By tuning up your existing vocal foundation, or forming a brand new foundation if you’re a complete beginner you will start to make leaps and bounds in your ability and confidence as a singer by applying yourself to the methods, techniques and routine we’ll form specially for your voice and level as a singer.

 The Best vocal coach ever! Before sessions with Kegan I knew a lot about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy KTVA and other methods) but couldn’t use what I know. I wasn’t able to apply over-complicated concepts and simply thought that I just have no talent for singing. Sessions with Kegan HELPS me sing songs and understand my voice and use it in way that I always dreamed. – Иван (2019)

With the customised vocal routine we’ll develop together, you’ll find something that very few vocal programs provide – an approach to singing designed for your unique voice and individual goals in mind.  Are you ready to get started with the very best online vocal coaching and take your voice to that next level with a powerful Foundation, continued Growth and a voice that is free of strain and Balanced every time you sing? A great place to start is this exclusive singing lesson that will show you how my proven vocal method is going to help you find your true voice. You can get started with the Foundation 101 singing course here to learn;

  • How to connect chest and head voice
  • Created mixed resonance
  • Access your full vocal range
  • Achieve a balanced onset for healthy vocal fold closure
  • Freedom from strain and tension
  • Improve your tone
  • Shape and sing your vowels correctly
  • Achieve and manage resonant space
  • Placement, Twang
  • So much more!

Are you ready to take your voice to the next level with online vocal lessons?

If you have any questions about online vocal lessons you can leave any feedback or questions below!

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