Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio's course repository - here you can find practical, short and detailed courses on a range of topics from breathing, resonance and other foundation techniques, right through to middle voice, vowel tuning and the advanced comprehensive course (coming soon!).

You can ask a question at any time during each course by using the 'leave a reply' button at the bottom of each lesson - if something is difficult, simply ask and I'll help you!

Breathing 101

This short 'n sweet breathing crash course will show you the most effective techniques for setting up a strong foundation of breath support.

Resonance 101

Learn the most effective way to create and build resonance in your voice

Placement 101

Learn how to limit any improper frequencies so that your voice can resonate in the most efficient manner

The Lazy Warmup

Learn the most efficient way to warm up your voice - super quick!