Control your voice while singing

Control Your Voice While Singing

Singing is simply a coordination of the many moving parts and aspects of your singing mechanism and can be thought of as more of a balancing act that a sheer physical pursuit. If you wish to learn how to control your voice while singing, it’s important that you first understand how the process of singing differs to that of every day speech, and develop control over the important aspects of your vocal technique such as resonance and onsets.

I often tell my students to remember that their singing voice is only as strong as their foundation, so make sure you set up your posture and breathing first before trying to build a balanced coordination in your singing voice.

How to Breathe While Singing

Breathing is the first foundation element of a controlled and confident singing voice and starts with building a healthy posture. By setting up your posture for what is known as Appoggio breathing, you can ensure that your airflow is moderated properly via extension and control of your diaphragm instead of the rib and lung expansion and contraction we often rely on in speech or general breathing.

Hold your head high, with your shoulders slightly back and your chin parallel with the floor – while ensuring to keep a widened rib position. This posture will make the basis of your singing technique and is an important step to take every time you practice and every time you sing.

Voice Placement in Singing

Vocal placement singing is the only way to efficiently control your resonance and frequencies for a powerful yet strain free singing tone. Voice placement in singing actually requires you to minimise any excess frequencies that are being created while you sing so that you can put your energy into only the healthiest and most efficiently vibrating resonance in your singing. A great way to build placement is by using a simple “n” exercise and attempting to minimise any frequencies from vibrating below your top row of teeth. Over time your voice will naturally assume this position, or placement as it’s known, so that you can concentrate on the important aspects of singing like vowel production and emoting in the right way for the song – with voice placement while singing, your voice will be confident, controlled and powerful with total freedom and ease.

Top 5 Ways To Learn How To Sing Better

Learning how to sing better shouldn’t be a chore, and can be an easy an joyous pursuit with the right approach and a great mentor. If you want to learn how to control your voice while singing in a more confident and efficient manner, then these top 5 ways to learn how to sing better will get you started on your journey towards a fantastic voice and better control while singing!

#1 – Singing Classes Online

Launched in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the premier voice studio for professional vocal lessons and singing classes online. With personalised tuition in the comfort of your own home with the very best voice coach the web has to offer, you ensure that you are meeting with a voice coach who is well versed in working with all manner of accents, difficult voice types and every singing style. As I often say, why go local when you can go global?

#2 – YouTube

The Bohemian Vocal Studio YouTube Channel boasts an extensive library of free singing lessons online that you can peruse and head back to for reference any time you like. Our video repository makes a great companion to Skype singing lessons here at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

#3 – Ask Questions on Quora

Our Quora feed has tons of informative answers and is growing day by day – you can even ask me a general question about singing on Quora and you’ll receive a professional answer from a seasoned voice coach!

#4 – Free Singing Lessons Online

Bohemian Vocal Studio also hosts a huge amount of free singing lessons online – you’ll see our troubleshooting guide and lesson list in the right hand navigation bar. Having an issue with vibrato? No sweat – hit the Vibrato link for some pointers! Having difficulty singing high notes? No worries – hit the high notes link for professional advice on singing high notes. Our free singing lessons online are a great companion to our YouTube Videos and of course booking a personal Skype session.

#5 – Skype Singing Lessons

Using Skype, Bohemian Vocal Studio coaches touring professionals and beginner singers alike and helps you reach your singing goals faster and more efficiently with the world’s most practical approach to singing technique. Using Kegan’s personally developed steps-based approach to voice coaching, Bohemian Vocal Studio has coached students towards their goals of starring in musical theatre productions of Rock of Ages, Shrek, Fiddler on the Roof, Hercules and The Producers, along with various auditions including seasoned bands and other vocalist gigs. Skype Singing Lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio ensure that you meet with the very best in online vocal coach, and you have access to a singing teacher who is experienced in all manner of accents, singing styles, voice types and reach singing success online!

How to Control Your Voice While Singing

A great singing voice is simply a well coordinated singing voice. Learning how to sing with voice placement, balance your onsets, sing in the MIX register and coordinate the various other aspects of great singing from register release through to extension of your range, you can build control over your voice in a confident and powerful way.

Remember, singing is a process of coordination and balance, not a physical pursuit that requires a muscular touch. Find a voice coach who can teach you how to sing in middle voice and truly coordinate your singing mechanism for the ultimate way to control your voice while singing.

When you’re ready to power up your singing voice and finally control your voice while singing, you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started improving your voice immediately!

If you have any questions about how to control your voice while singing, leave any questions or feedback below!




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