Consonants singing 101 – How to sing W and Y

Consonants singing 101 – How to sing W and Y

Welcome to another professional singing tutorial with Bohemian Vocal Studio – the premier studio for online singing lessons since 2010, worldwide. In this free singing lesson, I’m going to SHOW you how to sing consonant sounds, in specific two of the most difficult sounds to phonate with in a sung tone, “W” and “Y” like “Welcome” and “Yesterday”.

Now, having the right approach to consonants singing is just as important as having an approach to Vowels – the thing is, you can’t really practice ‘scales’ with consonants, so how can you build a good habit and healthy technique on these sounds? Well, the first thing to do is understand how they’re created in a speaking voice, and then we need to break them down so they fit right in with the healthy singing technique we’ve developed so far with online singing lessons at Bohemian Vocal Studio.

How to sing a W

Depending on your accent and native tongue, you may find (like me), the “W” sound sits right in your throat with a low tone resonating in your larnyx, kindof like an “UH” sound before actual “W” is made, or even just a pure “W” with a little bit of air forcing it out – this won’t actually work for a singing voice, so we need to build a healthier approach to this sound by using VOWELS. Yep, you heard me, we’re going to change this tricky little sucker into a big, open “OO” vowel instead, just like I’ve demonstrated in this simple tutorial below:

Now, the “Y” sound is just as tricky, and you guessed it, we’re actually going to change it into a nice, fluid “EE” sound instead, so a word like “YES” would look/sound something like EE-EH-S, instead of a choked “Yuh-S” sound like we sometimes do with speech.

Pretty simple, right? If you’re ready to work on other difficult consonant sounds, and build your voice into a powerful singing machine, then you can book a session with me today here at Bohemian Vocal Studio!

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