Sing higher than ever before

Sing higher than ever before Learning how to sing higher than ever before can seem like a very difficult task – with so much conflicting information out there, and ‘singing gurus’ trying to shill expensive courses to you, where do you start? Luckily for you, I’ve spent a lifetime developing the best singing techniques for […]

Free singing lessons online

Free singing lessons online Are you looking to learn how to sing, but you’re not ready to invest in professional coaching yet? No sweat! Here at Bohemian Vocal Studio we offer a wide range of complimentary singing courses, free lessons each week and a ton of videos released regularly on our YouTube channel. Learn how […]

How to sing with mix voice

How to sing with mix voice Learning how to sing in mix voice is truly the key to building a POWERFUL singing voice. Not only will middle voice (aka, your mix!) increase your power, it will allow you to increase your range, improve your resonance and really SING. We’ve all heard about Chest Voice vs […]

How to sing confident in 3 easy steps

How to sing confident in 3 easy steps Singing confident and with consistency is one of keys to building a powerful and professional sounding singing voice. Singer confidence comes from BELEIVING in your technique and KNOWING that you can hit the note you’re going for, and you can do it without strain. Singing confident can be […]

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