How to sing without straining

How to sing without straining Learning how to sing without straining doesn’t have to be difficult – with the right approach and information, you will sing higher and with so much more POWER than you could ever have imagined. Singing is a really simple exercise in mechanics, coordination and the right thought process, and with […]

The BEST diaphragmatic breathing exercises

The BEST diaphragmatic breathing exercise Learning the right diaphragm breathing techniques can be confusing – there is so much conflicting information out there, and so many metaphors for how you should breathe diaphragmatically, but very few instructions actually showing you HOW to breathe properly and practical diaphragmatic breathing exercises. First up, you should start with posture (you […]

How to strengthen head voice

How to strengthen head voice Strengthening and learning to sing louder head voice notes takes a little finesse and practice, but no matter your vocal range or voice type, the answer lies in your singing technique. First up, it’s important to understand the difference in your vocal registers. What is chest voice? Often referred to as […]

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