Bohemian Vocal Studio Podcast Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s vocal podcast. A new episode is released every two weeks and broaches subjects like vowels, resonance, connecting chest and head, microphones, home recording and everything under the sun related to great singing. You can check out the very first episode below then subscribe as a podcast […]

Consonant Guide

Consonant Guide Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s premium Consonant Guide. No doubt we’ve been through your unique consonant and onset issues in our Skype sessions, and it’s important you understand that consonant grouping (along with most aspects of great singing) really isn’t a “one size fits all” approach – it’s likely you have specific consonant […]

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Premium Membership Join Bohemian Vocal Studio as a premium subscriber to gain access to The Vowel Translator – the world’s first interactive word translator for singing technique, our exclusive Booster Courses, Premium tools (Podcast and Consonant guide) and ongoing monthly Skype Lesson credit. We’re continually adding to our premium tools and there are booster courses […]

The Vowel Translator

The Vowel Translator Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Vowel Translator, the world’s first interactive vowel and consonant translator for singing. If you’ve been wondering which vowel to use in a vocal line or you’re having trouble singing a particular word or phrase, then this tool is designed for you! This translator is intended for use […]