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Dare I admit it, one of the biggest obstacles I faced as a young singer learning the ropes of healthy singing technique and learning to increase my range was actually my thick Australian accent. While I didn’t try to ‘sing’ with an Aussie sound, my understanding of vowels was very stilted due the nature of how we speak down under, closed and nasal sounds – most of which are heavily glottal, even vowels in words like “After”, “All”, “Easy” – basically the ‘opposite’ of healthy vocal technique.

I took all the courses, went to see all the coaches – but it wasn’t until I ventured into Skype lessons with renowned coaches myself that the difference in my vowels to theirs was huge (for example, the word “Cat” for an Aussie is closed and nasal, but open and ‘back’ for an American), and a few short tweaks later all the techniques I’d spent YEARS learning fell into place together and my range shot off like a rocket, my tone improved and I was able to start developing my own approach to these techniques with my own voice type and native tongue in mind – leading me to create my own unique approach to consonant sounds which will work with ANY accent and can be used to build healthy singing technique with any voice type.

Modifying my vowels, creating a bright, resonant tone and negotiating the various registers and breaks through the voice has now become second nature and super easy with this simple, steps based approach to rock singing – regardless of my Aussie accent and low baritone range!

I’ve now had seven years working with students from all language backgrounds, and have developed it even further with my students from Sweden, with Spanish accents, American, English, fellow Aussies and even students with a Slavic background – you really can learn how to sing with a powerful, open, resonant voice no matter your voice type or your accent.

If you’re ready to start building your own healthy singing voice and working towards ironing out the kinks in your accent and voice type, you can book a session with me now!

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