Can the Baritone voice range learn to sing?

Can the Baritone voice range learn to sing?

Baritone – the dreaded word when it comes to voice type, all low end and no high range. Every famous singer is a Tenor, right? No so – the baritone voice comes with it’s unique challenges, but you’ll likely find some of your FAVOURITE singers are actually baritones who are just incredible singers – even a guy like Chris Cornell naturally held a baritone voice type, albeit higher than most, but everyone from Tom Jones, Eric Burdon, Paul Rodgers and yes, even Axl Rose are Baritone singers.

But my voice is so low – what do I do?

First up, get some singing coaching from someone who KNOWS the baritone voice – I’m naturally a very low baritone and I’ve been singing for well over 15 years now, I’m often mistaken as a Tenor now due to my extensive high range! As long as your coach understands your low voice type, you’ll be fine. You can book a Skype coaching session with me personally here – I’ve been coaching baritone singers all around the world since 2010!

Here’s a quick lesson on improving your voice as a baritone, this advice alone will actually take you further than most expensive courses will…

The answer is YES, the baritone voice range absolutely CAN learn to sing with a powerful and extensive vocal range – and even become professional singers and international vocal coaches like me! If you’re ready to start building your baritone singing voice the RIGHT way, book a session with me now!

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2 thoughts on “Can the Baritone voice range learn to sing?

  1. I love to sing in my own time. I really wanted to sing at church on stage but the singing teacher outside of church said I should just not try! That I sang horrible. That was so mean! However, I still look forward to learning! I know deep-down I can sing slow songs.

    1. That’s sad to hear! Fortunately for you, your old teacher was simply WRONG…. absolutely anyone can learn how to sing with a powerful and natural singing voice using the right vocal techniques. It’s a learning curve, but one we can all take if we truly desire a powerful voice.

      Let me know if you have any questions about your voice!

      All the best,


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