Can Anyone Learn To Sing? [I Wasn’t A Natural Singer Either]

Can Anyone Learn To Sing? [I Wasn’t A Natural Singer Either]

I actually started out as a guitarist, with very little aspirations to become a singer. I somewhat ‘fell into’ singing as a result of being unable to find a suitable singer for my band after highschool, and simply stepped up to the mic and started yelling out of frustration; after all, it’s only Rock ‘n Roll, right? That is, until I lost my voice along the way from overuse, improper use, and most importantly misuse. My warmup wasn’t so much as a set of exercises and drills, but more a set of beer glasses that I proceeded to empty in search of that elusive frontman confidence and the voice that I sometimes heard when I fluked a note or just hit a note well by accident. These happy accidents became fewer and more far between as I wore out my voice and really started to question whether I had what it takes to be a great singer at all – after all, I obviously wasn’t a natural singer by any means.

[one_half][/one_half]The bands broke up, I stopped singing, and I went back to life as a guitarist and tried to put aside my dream of being a singer – but this didn’t last long as I started to get the vocal itch again and started stockpiling courses, books, videos and a pretty big stream of singing teachers in my wake that just didn’t seem to be able to teach me to sing better – I really started to question can anyone learn to sing, or did I just have a bad voice?

If I Can Do It, So Can You!

Along the way, I was introduced to the concept of Foundation First singing, where you set up a rock solid vocal foundation for your voice first; just like the solid concrete base of a house being built. Instead of throwing walls and a roof up into the air and hoping for the best with advanced techniques and secret tricks and cheats – I went back to basics and set up a foundation unlike any I had learned before. Simple, practical, and free from strain – I really started to enjoy singing again, and realised just how WRONG I had been before to push, yell and shout for those high notes that had now become weirdly effortless. Learning to create resonant space, place my frequencies and most importantly allow mixed resonance instead of pushing my chest voice as high as I could absolutely changed everything for me as a singer, and really paved the way for singing songs I really could never have even dreamed of previously – and really put all those advanced tricks and techniques in perspective as they started to simple ‘appear’ in my voice with little effort.

It finally made sense why those YouTube gurus and my singing teachers could do all of this stuff so EASILY, and yet I really struggled to make much sense of it at all – because my foundation was lacking, there was no way for me to modify my vowels or achieve correct placement, or even support my voice properly. Everything absolutely changed for me as a singer when I set up a rock solid base involving simple concepts like;

  • Vocal Placement
  • Shaping Vowels
  • Mixed Resonance
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing/Support
  • Connecting Chest and Head Voice
  • Freedom from strain and tension
  • Balancing Onsets

Placement in particular was a huge one for me as a Baritone with a moderately low voice – noone had previously explained to me that perhaps my low speaking voice was causing issues and bad habits when I sang. Until I understood the relationship between placement and resonance, my voice was really ‘stuck’ in low speaking mood, as many of you guys out there who have low voices are probably experiencing right now.

Learning to use the voice in the right way with a healthy foundation will allow absolutely ANYONE to learn how to sing – I’ve now shared this approach with singers from the ages 7 to 70+ with great success and consistent results using the approach I’m about to share with you in this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson.

Learning how to sing doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful – with the Foundation 101 singing course, you can get started right away by building a rock solid foundation for your voice by applying simple concepts like placement, mixed voice and support.

If you have any questions about learning to sing, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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