Build a CRAZY Vocal Range In 4 Steps [#3 Will Blow Your Mind]

Build a CRAZY Vocal Range In 4 Steps

[#3 Will Blow Your Mind]


So you want a great singing voice.

You want to EXPLODE your vocal range.

You want a tone that sounds like pure butter.

Imagine if you could follow just four simple steps and double, maybe even triple your vocal range without wasting thousands of dollars on singing lessons.

That's a pretty bold promise to make - but this is exactly what happened to me when I followed the tried and true, but little known approach I'm about to share with you.

But first, let me tell you why the other approaches you've tried and those weekly singing lessons you've been forking out for really haven't been working for you.


Why "X" Vocal Approach Hasn't Worked For You

It's common to hear voice coaches online swear that "anyone can sing better" and that their approach "works for everyone" - when the opposite is really true; after all, this has been your experience right?

You watched their impressive video.

You bought their course.

You practiced like they said

You waited patiently.

You waited some more...

You kept waiting even longer...

Months go by and you realise haven't seen the slightest improvement in your singing.

And this lack of progress really isn't your fault at all - because there's a fundamental flaw in many vocal methods, actually, many flaws that make most singing courses absolutely worthless to singers like you and me who aren't just "naturals to begin with".

And that's really the kicker.

Just because someone is a native French speaker really doesn't mean they have any idea how to teach YOU to speak French as effortlessly as they do - and the same goes for singing. 

Let's go with the 'learning French' analogy for a moment and consider two different "How To Speak French" courses as an example;

  • Course #1) Designed by a native French speaker who learned as a child
  • Course #2) Designed by a native English speaker who personally spent years studying and learning how to speak French with a tried and true approach

You can probably see where I'm going with this already.

The first course, although impressive and exciting because they're a natural French speaker - contains absolutely zero insight into how to learn to speak French as an adult. They throw words at you, they throw phrases at you, they give you the grammar, they give you exercises; but ultimately, this course isn't going to help you become a great French speaker.

The second course, which might not have that same exciting allure as the one designed by the native French speaker and all their confident Parisian charm, has a tried and tried method for helping you actually learn to speak French as an adult, with foolproof steps for improving your French that can be applied over and over again and built upon for serious results; which ultimately helps you learn how to speak French confidently and fluently.

You're beginning to understand why those other courses haven't worked for you, or even why those local singing lessons have failed to yield any true results for you.

It's really not your fault.

But now you know the truth about learning how to sing - and it's time to start making different choices so that you finally see the results and progress you're so hungry for.


The Little Known Secret That ALL Great Singers Know [That You Don't]

What if I told you that EVERY single technique, concept, trick and term out there can be boiled down to just FOUR steps?

What if I told you that Adele or Edit Piaf is actually doing exactly the same thing that Chris Cornell, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, Myles Kennedy and Layne Staley are doing when they sing so well?

It's a cold hard fact that every single vocal technique and concept out there relates to just one of these Four Vocal Fundamentals;

  • Forward Placement
  • Mixed Tonality
  • Height In The Vocal Tract <- this is the one I mentioned at the start!
  • "All In One Flow"

Now, you can quote Wikipedia and terms you learned on YouTube all day long at me, and I'll STILL be able to relate every single one of them to one of these four simple vocal fundamentals.

Vowel Modification occurs when you alter your resonant space to improve and manage your resonant overtones by raising the soft palate for Height In The Vocal Tract. Cry is simply a way to achieve balance between the TA and CT muscles in your middle and upper register by creating Mixed Tonality. Twang and Edge are simply tools to help you achieve Forward Placement to bring the voice 'out of the throat', and Diaphragmatic Breathing is a way to help you sing "All In One Flow" without interrupting your resonance.

I could list PAGES of exercises, concepts and terms while relating them to The Four Vocal Fundamentals in this way, but instead, I'm just going to show you how to sing with The Four Vocal Fundamentals right here, right now:

My Own Results

Let me start by pointing out I really wasn't a natural singer to begin with; I strained and struggled, barked and yelled and ultimately blew out my voice in the middle of every show I played when I was younger.

You can even check out a "before and after" of my voice here to see me absolutely destroying my voice on stage in my early 20s struggling and straining to hit notes that were honestly just out of my range at the time, to a ton of recent clips showing the Four Octave Range that I now enjoy.

But don't just take my word for it, this is just a fraction of the incredible feedback I now get as a singer;

But you're not here just to hear how amazing it feels for me to sing with such effortless freedom and extensive range - you want to know exactly why and how I'm going to help you do the same thing with your own voice.

There's a good reason my studio is regularly featured in Top Ten Lists of the world's greatest vocal methods along side some of the most famous coaches and courses out there like Christina Aguilera's Masterclass and "Hollywood coach to the stars" Roger Love, and an even better reason that other voice coaches with tens of thousands of their own followers are saying that "Bohemian Vocal Studio is the only Voice School to trust 100%"

My students are also nailing their goals and building crazy voices too, and I'll share their personal feedback with you in a moment too, but here's a few examples of the kind of range and tone I'm now known for - remember, I absolutely sucked as a singer and had zero range, a crap tone and kept blowing out my voice before I learned what I'm about to share with.

Now, I know you're here to learn how to sing better yourself - and you're sick of voice coaches sharing videos of themselves singing great without doing anything to actually help you; but I've found one of the most important tools as a voice coach is really to show others that I'm following and reaching my own dreams as a singer too, not just showing others how to practice lip trills.

The first video is a Mark Lanegan cover I just released that showcases my natural baritone low range - I just LOVE this low range, tone and style, it's something that I've worked hard towards, and I've really reaped the benefits of excellent vocal technique when it comes to extending my low range and developing a buttery, resonant tone. The second clip is an original song of mine that was recently released by my band Dead Spirit Communion; and it's really just an excuse to go nuts in my high range with all the power, distortion and intensity that now comes so naturally with the technique I'm about to share with you.

After all, the Proof Is In The Pudding as they say.

The Results Explained

Rather than giving you a list of bogus claims and marketing promises, I'm actually going to EXPLAIN how and why you're going to see results with this simple but effective approach. Let me share some experiences my students have had with this dynamite approach;

Kegan is the best vocal coach there is! 😁😁
If you want to be able to sing properly with YOUR own voice he is your...

Posted by Aisha Peach on Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Starting with barely an octave of range from around F2 to G3, I used to just think that "chest voice was full voice" and "head voice was falsetto" - without realising that I was actually using BOTH of these registers, and the mechanism, incorrectly; creating my lack of range and skewed perception.

By developing a connection between chest and head voice, you effectively double your connected range instantly. Sure, it takes some practice, you have to work through some silly sounds and flips and breaks - but this connection is really two fold in the vocal mechanism, not only does the ability to slide with connectivity into head voice (the CT muscle), you also strengthen your ability to sing in MIXED voice (using both the CT and TA muscle) at the same time, in essence extending your chest register and through this coordination shift and newly-found connection, facilitating an even higher head register than you imagined possible.

I personally spent years developing mixed voice and this extensive connection between chest and head voice from the perspective of someone who really couldn't sing when they first began - and it's this dirty work in the trenches that really puts me in the prime position to help YOU do the same thing.

Once you connect chest and head, you then find mixed voice, once you find mixed voice you can start working on vowel modification, once you master vowel modification you can start developing compression - and your voice seriously just grows and grows and grows like a flower into a shrub into a tree into a whole forest of power, tone and range.

Get The SAME Results 

This foolproof approach of Connect < Bridge < Build < Grow is the same one that I use to create the same results in my students voices. You can see pages of incredible, unsolicited reviews on Facebook like the one from my student Aisha above saying how much my approach has changed their voices and changed their lives. I've even got students who now have their OWN successful voice coaching channels with tens of thousands of subscribers!

The Best vocal coach ever.

No complications - Only simple effective tools for singing... Kegan's education helps me as vocal coach as well!

Posted by Иван Радьков on Tuesday, February 20, 2018


And this is the same PROVEN, TRIED, TESTED approach that is going to help you build an insane amount of range, a killer tone and ultimately help you start reaching your goals as a singer.

The Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee

If you want the same serious results that I've personally enjoyed, that my students enjoy - and yes, other voices coaches enjoy when I've taught this to them, then you need to make a serious investment in your voice.

I'll be honest - it's not going to be easy.

It's going to take practice.

You're going to get frustrated.

But you WILL see results.

And I believe so much in this incredible approach that I'm not only going to throw in my Growth Level singing course AND a Skype Coaching Session so that you get the full benefit of my approach and guidance - I'm also going to offer you a money back guarantee.

I call it the "Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee".

If you dedicate yourself to the process I'm going to teach you 100% with no hesitation, you listen to everything that I'm telling you; none of this "oh, but this guys says X" or "oh, but it sounds better when I do X instead" - you MUST do things the way I'm telling you to do them if you expect to see serious GROWTH; If after working through the courses and taking your Skype session with me you haven't seen even the slightest improvement within 30 days - or I'll refund the cost of both courses with no questions asked.

This guarantee is ONLY available with this special offer of the Foundation 101, Growth 101 + Skype Session Pack.

This is an absolutely RISK FREE opportunity that no other coach is going to give you - because they don't believe in you and they don't really believe in their own approach.

But I absolutely DO - and I'm willing to bet my guarantee on it.

You can read the full terms and conditions of the 30 day Guarantee here.

Sheer VALUE.

Let me take you through the full value of the Foundation/Growth/Session pack.

When it comes to value, Foundation 101 is really worth about 3 months of weekly Skype lessons with me - totalling $1,440 USD.

Growth 101 is worth another 3 months of weekly Skype lessons with me - totally another $1,440 USD.

And the Skype session itself, while invaluable, costs $120 USD.

So we're talking sheer value of $3k.

Three THOUSAND dollars.

But until my calendar is full for September, 2022 - I'm going to give it to you for just $349.

$3,000 USD $349 USD

Now, this BARELY covers the cost of my online hosting here at, the cost of internet for our Skype Session together and is obviously a drop in the ocean compared to the thousands and thousands of dollars that I personally spent learning how to sing - not to mention dedicating 20 years of my life to reach this moment right here.

And if you're wondering why I'd put all the risk back onto myself in this way - it's my way of showing you just how much I believe in this proven and tested approach, and how much I believe in your ability to make the most of it and take this opportunity seriously.



Foundation 101/Growth 101/Skype Pack

  • Learn to sing in mixed voice
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Sing with a balanced onset
  • Sing in full voice through your full range
  • Modify your vowels for a stronger mix
  • Sing with compression to add power and colour to your singing
  • Sing consonant sounds with ease
  • Take your singing to the next level
  • Get real coaching and feedback
  • Set tangible short/medium/long term goals
  • Apply what you've learned

Buy The Foundation/Growth/Session Pack



Remember, we're talking over $3,000 worth of value in the Foundation/Growth/Skype pack - and that's not even counting the lifetime of spectacular singing you're going to enjoy after the fact.

Think of this as an investment in your voice. An investment in your future as a professional singer. An investment in your future as a life-long musician.

I'll even throw in my limited time "Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee"

Seriously, if you follow the process to a "T" over the next 30 days, we meet over Skype and you follow everything to the letter and you see no progress, nada, absolutely zilch improvement in your singing at all; I'll refund the cost of both courses.

But this is ONLY available until my calendar is full for September, 2022, and then it's back to the full (and rightly so) price.

As of September 29, 2022, limited spots are remaining for September.

$3,000 USD $349 USD


Foundation 101/Growth 101/Skype Pack

  • Learn to sing in mixed voice
  • Form your vowels properly
  • Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Sing with a balanced onset
  • Sing in full voice through your full range
  • Modify your vowels for a stronger mix
  • Sing with compression to add power and colour to your singing
  • Sing consonant sounds with ease
  • Take your singing to the next level
  • Get real coaching and feedback
  • Set tangible short/medium/long term goals
  • Apply what you've learned

Buy The Foundation/Growth/Session Pack



I remember telling you to watch out for #3 from The Four Vocal Fundamentals - Height In The Vocal Tract (actually, it's number #1 depending on how you organise your technique).

Learning to use the soft palate correctly and developing the right register overtone is key to increasing your range like crazy - and instead of just telling you about it, I'm going to SHOW YOU how to do it.

Aren't you SICK of me showing you all of this stuff and just telling you point blank how to actually sing better?

Of course not!

Bring it on!

If you're SERIOUS about building an insane vocal range, you absolutely MUST watch this video below and sign up to the three part vocal plan below the video;

Sign Up To The Three Part Vocal Plan Below

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