Breathing 101

Breathing 101 | Part 1

Welcome to Breathing 101 with Bohemian Vocal Studio – in this complimentary short course I’ll show you how to build a strong and healthy foundation for your voice by setting up the correct posture and engaging the diaphragm in the correct manner.

Each lesson will have a video like the one below. When you can nail the concepts and exercises I’ve shown you in each video, you can hit the “next” button below to view the next lesson. If you have any questions, or you’re having trouble with my approach – you’re welcome to ask me a question at any time by using the “leave a reply” box below.

Lets get started!

6 thoughts on “Breathing 101

  1. It is amazing just how much posture and breathing affects your singing. I can remember my early days of singing – always running out of air hitting high notes or just simply not able to hit certain notes at all. This course has been a great help, thanks!

    It occurred to me how important breathing and posture are after listening to an interview with Elvis Presley and how his singing coach got him to hit some of his really high notes.

    Great video and tips!

    1. Thanks Dani! Absolutely – support is key to building a powerful high range and keeping your voice healthy.

      Let me know if you have any other questions about your voice!


  2. Thanks for this great course! I did not know there was so much to breathing. It’s great you’re teaching everyone the correct way that would help a person while they sing.

    Are there more exercises I can do to so that it no longer requires the steps or too much thinking?

    1. Hey Bobby! You’re welcome. Absolutely, I’m working on an advanced breath support course as we speak.

      You’re welcome to book a session with me when you’re ready to power up your breathing!


  3. When using my diaphragm and all, when singing where should my focus be when trying to go higher in pitch ? on my diaphragm muscles and push out high notes? or on my vocal chords. I don’t know where i should engage without straining myself. Help 🙁

    1. Hey there!

      Absolutely not – you should be holding ‘in’ your air to sing, especially in your high range, not forcing anything out.

      You should breathe using your diaphragm, then focus your ‘resonance’ above your top teeth/towards your nose, and try to resonate freely with a ‘buzz’ and no pushing or strain.

      Let me know how you go!


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