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How to book online singing lessons

Since launching in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily grown into the premier voice studio for professional singing lessons, and become synonymous with POWERFUL voices and the most practical approach to singing technique. You can now book sessions straight into the BVS booking calendar with just a few quick clicks and without prior email confirmation, simply purchase credit and book a session straight into the calendar.

You can even view the times in your own timezone!

Note: The mini version on our main page is super simple to use when you get the hang of the booking system, but I do recommend using the full desktop version of the calendar for your first booking as it shows your timezone along with mine before you choose a time – The mini version only shows your chosen time at the confirmation stage.


I’ve included a walkthrough for the Mini calendar that shows to your right in case you’d prefer not to use the desktop version:

Step 1 – Set up a user account

You can set up a new user account by clicking “Log In” and choosing the “Create a New User Account” option. It’s very important that you pick your Time Zone, otherwise our times won’t be synced! Please note: The calendar itself stays in Sydney, Australia time – however when you choose a time in the confirmation stage it will also show you the time in your zone.


Step 2 – Choose a day from the calendar

Choose the day (note: The calendar still shows the date and time in Sydney, AUS time) and click “Create a new booking”.

  • Bookings are only accepted two or more days in advance (ie: you can’t book for a session in two hours from now)
  • Cancellations can only be made within 24 hours of your booking


Step 3 – Pick a Time

You can specify whether you’d like a 30 or 60 minute session with BVS down the bottom in the “find available space” field, or you can just pick one in the “Skype Session” column.


Step 4 – Check and confirm your time

When using the mini calendar on my website, your timezone will only show at the point of confirming your booking – for a clearer view of our crossovers, use the desktop version.


Troubleshooting – A error occured!

This is likely because you have no credit remaining. You first need to purchase credit from the online store before booking a Skype session into the calendar.


You can also click on the buy credit prompt in the calendar itself.


FAQ – why a credit system?

The credit system is the best way to offer my students ongoing discounts (for example 4 x pack sessions) that can still be booked as a regular session in the calendar without any need for confirmation or additional scheduling. Any credit purchased in advance will sit in your account until you’re ready to book it in – please do take note of the expiry date for any session pack you purchase, as they are often intended for weekly use.

Are you ready to power up your singing and take your voice to the next level? You can book a session with me today and I’ll show you how to sing higher than ever before while building a POWERFUL singing voice with confidence, consistency and a beautiful tone.

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Sorry, I can’t seem to work out how to book with you? How can I pay for the session – I’ve emailed my available dats to you, my time is PDT Vancouver – can you teach in Canada?

    • Thanks for your message and email! you can purchase a session on the right hand sidebar – just select the type from the dropdown and follow through to the paypal prompt. I just returned your email with suitable crossovers, talk to you soon!


  2. Very interesting article. I have been incorporating singing in my hip hop music for a while now but would like to improve my singing voice to broaden my range of music that I can compose. Everywhere I have looked has been very expensive so I am eager to get started with vocal lessons for an affordable price. I think I will need a few sessions to get my singing voice to the way I want it so I will definitely be hitting you up

    • Hey Marquis! Awesome, I’m a huge fan of vintage R’nB and soul music like Ann Peebles, there was some SERIOUSLY killer singers in the 70’s, and recently guys like Charles Bradley and Sharon Jones carry the torch for great RnB singing.

      Let me know if you have any questions about your voice! Talk soon.


  3. Hi. That offer sounds cool. It’s very atractive and joyful. There is one thing I want to know: Do you only have lessons for rock singing, or do you have lessons for other type of music, like soft music and else?. And do yuo have lessons for playing instruments, too?

    • Thanks Jamie! Yeah absolutely – my forte is rock, but my background is in classical technique, so also teach pop, blues, folk etc. so any style of singing will benefit from healthy vocal technique!



  4. Hey man, can you also pay with just paypal or is it only possible to pay using a creditcard? Regards, Niels

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