Learn to sing with online singing lessons

Learn to sing with online singing lessons When I first started to learn how to sing, it was a choice of the local classical coach – who happened to hate rock music, or another more contemporary coach, who was supportive of my rock song choices, but simply didn’t understand the unique issues I was facing […]

Strengthen your singing voice

Strengthen your singing voice In this free online singing lesson I’m going to show you how to strengthen your singing voice by improving your onset and adducting your vocal chords. Every vocal line you sing starts with an ‘onset’, literally meaning how your note starts, whether it’s a breathy onset, a glottal onset – or better, a coordinated […]

Breath support for singing

Breath support for singing If you’ve been singing for a while, or stalking those singing gurus on YouTube, no doubt you’ve heard a vague mention of “Breath Support” or “Support your voice” with little to no explanation as to WHAT it is, HOW to do it, and WHY we need it. Well, I’m here to […]

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