The Urban Dictionary of Singing

The Urban Dictionary of Singing We recently released a simplified guide to the Anatomy Of A Great Singing Voice, and you can also download our De-Buzzing Buzz-Words eBook which tears down all those confusing classical singing terms into their tangible meanings and practical applications – but what about those abstract, urban terms and slang words […]

eBook Library

eBook Library Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s eBook Library. Here you’ll find all of our downloadable content and eBooks and singing guides. Simply click on the eBook of your choice to download your copy. When you click on “return to seller’s website” your eBook will begin downloading automatically – please contact us if you have […]

Singing: Buzz-Words De-Buzzed [Singing Terms Explained]

Singing: Buzz-Words De-Buzzed [Singing Terms Explained] The singing world is full of contradictory terms, abstract instructions and classical terminology that really makes little sense in practical application. Terms like Appoggio and Chiaroscuro really should have been left behind in the 15th century when they were coined, and especially where rock singing or contemporary singing is […]

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