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Premium Membership Join Bohemian Vocal Studio as a premium subscriber to gain access to premium courses and tutorials along with ongoing Skype Session credits and access to The Vowel Translator – the world’s first interactive word translator for singing technique. We’re continually adding to our premium tutorials and there are more premium short courses on […]

Vowel Translator (Beta)

Vowel Translator (Beta) Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Vowel Translator, the world’s first interactive vowel and consonant translator for singing. If you’ve been wondering which vowel to use in a vocal line or you’re having trouble singing a particular word or phrase, then this tool is designed for you! This translator is intended for use […]

What is Chest Voice?

What Is Chest Voice? Chest voice, or simply put your low register is the rich and deep sound we often associate with our speaking voices. Now, as I often point out to my students, singing and speaking are an entirely different process and wholly unrelated in the manner in which they are performed – so let’s […]