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The Four Step Process For Serious Growth

Step 1

Learn and develop all the basic rudiments of a great singing voice

Step 2

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

Step 3

Grow your range, Develop your tone, Design your singing style

Step 4

Troubleshoot, Apply, Rinse, Repeat

The Vocal Course Recommended By Vocal Teachers, Pro singers and Songwriters

The Best vocal coach ever.
No complications - only simple, effective tools for singing songs.
Kegan's education helps me as a vocal coach as well!

Ivan Radkov

Voice Teacher

A very effective and natural method.
If you want to sing ROCK at the highest level - choose BVS!


Rock Singer

Kegan has helped me put "Singer" into Singer-Songwriter.
His approach is solid and it gets results.
I'm now recording my first album!

Mike Nova


So you want to become a great singer.

Build a SERIOUS vocal range.

Have a tone that sounds like BUTTER.

But nothing else has worked.

I know exactly how you feel - because this was actually my experience learning how to sing too. So I've cut through the bullshit, broken down the barriers, cut out all the nonsense words and confusing terms to design the method that I wish I could have learned from when I first started learning how to sing some 20 years ago. 


Before I took sessions with Kegan I knew "a lot" about singing (SLS, CVT, Ken Tamplin and other methods) but I couldn't use what I knew. I wasn't able to apply their over-complicated concepts.
Kegan is the only person who I trust with my voice 100%


If you're serious about learning how to sing, and you want guaranteed results, you absolutely MUST put your details in below to get my 3-part vocal plan. 

I'm not going to throw another set of lip trills at you, or tell you to breathe properly, or tell you the secret is in my course - to show you how serious I am about helping you absolutely smash your vocal goals out of the park, I'm going to take the most advanced, the most complicated and yes - the most highly guarded insider singing secret out there and show you just how EASILY I can turn it into a simple, practical part of your singing routine in a matter of minutes.

Cut through the crap, the complicated terms, the useless exercises and learn the REAL key to great singing with the approach that other voice coaches are learning from me to build massive followings on YouTube - using the method that I taught them. 

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PS. You've Got Nothing To Lose

This isn't one of those marketing pages where you get some half-assed lesson, a pointless token "gift" or a useless PDF - and then you get hounded with marketing emails and calls.

This is a genuine opportunity to learn something DYNAMITE about singing from someone who has been there, done that - while spending 20 years in the trenches learning what really works, and what is just marketing fluff.

Sure, I've obviously got a course for sale and teach professionally too - but that's not what I'm pitching here. All I want you to do is put a few details in so I can send you a three part vocal plan showing you how to modify your vowels properly; something that other coaches put you through the ringer just to even get a glimpse of.

But it's actually the FIRST thing I'm going to show you.

Not just talk about.

But SHOW you how to do it yourself.

There's really no Risk.

Don't you want to find out why other voice coaches are coming to me in droves just to learn what I know and find out why students are enjoying so much GROWTH and SUCCESS?

It's easy. Watch the video at the top (I'll share it again with you in a moment), throw in your deets and I'll email you the first part of the plan, no hassle, no risk, no stress, no worries, no sales links, no marketing - just great voice coaching.

PSS. This Link Is Closing Soon

I know, I know - you're used to hearing this kinda thing, but I'm serious.

Since I released the vocal plan at the start of the year, my bandwidth for this site has gone through the roof.

Basically, with the insanely low price I'm charging for my courses and considering everyone that his signed up for this vocal plan so far, I'm getting close to my server limit for students; so I'm going to close off this link when my calendar is full for December 2021.

I might have a few more openings for the vocal plan in the coming months when there's a few more available slots in my calendar - but do you want to risk waiting? 

Check out my booking calendar in the top menu of this page; I'm basically booked out weeks and weeks to months in advance.

If you're serious about this, I want to set you up with a free 3-part vocal plan to prove to you just how much I'm turning around the voice coaching game by actually SHOWING people how to sing better, not just talking about it - and you might be one of the lucky last few to get for FREE what other coaches and courses will charge you hundreds, if not thousands (have you seen how much some of those YouTube gurus charge??? Sheesh!)

But don't waste my time.

I'm running out of space on the server, and I only want to work with SERIOUS students who aren't just kicking my tyres and taking up valuable spots that could be going to dedicated students who really want to become pro singers. I'm not one of those "voice coach reacts" guys, this is the real deal.

Update: Spots for December are now limited.

The Rigorously Tested and PROVEN Vocal Approach That Guarantees Real Results

Still Not Convinced?

Still kicking those tyres? That's alright, I don't mind - in fact, if you're not serious about your voice; it's best that you leave spaces open for singers wanting to take their voice to the next level.

Now, I'm not big on talking about myself too much, but if it's my singing you want, then here it is along with some of the CRAZY feedback that I get on my singing now that I've learned to apply the simple key I've shared with you today - Four Steps to a better singing voice.