Become a Good Singer FAST [4 Powerful Steps You Must Take]

Become a Good Singer FAST
4 Powerful Steps You Must Take


Diaphragmatic breathing.

Yawn before you sing.




Open Throat.


You’ve probably heard ’em all before, and they’ve done absolutely NOTHING to help you become a better singer, right?

After spending over $15,000 on singing lessons, courses and methods in my early days as I sing, I could have just about wrung someone’s neck if they told me one more time the secret to being a better singer was “support” or “yawning”.

I’m sure you feel exactly the same, right?

These blanket solutions might help you a miniscule amount if you’re practicing scales and classical exercises – but the truth is, bullshit like ‘yawning before you sing’ is never going to help you sing an actual song better.

It’s a fact.

And that’s because you’re not actually learning WHY and HOW this is meant to help you sing better.

Now, if I told you that raising the soft palate to create height in the vocal tract was the key to improving your singing, and that a subtle yawn is just one of many ways you can jumpstart this process as a singer-in-training; you would learn something truly intrinsic to great singing, along with an actual practical way of achieving it going forward so that you see progress and start moving forward as a singer.

^ But that’s really not how most voice coaches work.

They peddle the same old tired rhethoric that their stuffy classical teachers taught them offhand 20 years ago – or worse, are just ‘natural’ singers who never had to learn a damn thing about singing, and they’ve just repeating vocal nomenclature to sell you a course.

Learning how to sing is a TOUGH world.

Until now.

Learning to sing with Height In The Vocal Tract by raising the soft palate to create a pharyngeal vowel is just ONE of the four important steps that you need to take today to become a better singer FAST.

You’ll probably be shocked to know that ALL techniques, EVERY single concept, trick and term out there relates directly to just FOUR basic fundamentals in your singing voice;

  • Height In The Vocal Tract
  • Forward Placement
  • “All In One Flow”
  • Mixed Tonality

Now, the way the music business, in particular the voice coaching business, works, is that I tell you something along the lines of “you NEED this thing I’m telling you about!” and then proceed to make you buy a course to learn the rest of them.

But I’m just as tired as you are of the same old claptrap and marketing fluff that has poisoned the once noble profession of being a voice teacher and actually HELPING people sing better.

So I’m just going to show you the secret to great singing right here, right now. No tricks, no iffs, no buts. I’m going to show you how to sing with The Four Vocal Fundamentals right now so that you can start becoming a better singer TODAY.

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