Baritone singing lessons

Baritone singing lessons

Do you have a low voice type – have you been told that you possess a “baritone” or “bass” range voice type? Well, me to! Hi – I’m Kegan, and I started Bohemian Vocal Studio in 2010 and I’m here to help you build a POWERFUL singing voice, no matter your natural voice type! 

I actually started my singing studio for one main reason: There was noone else out there who was teaching Baritones how to sing with a TAILORED approach designed specifically for this rich, deep voice type.

I’ve heard it all before, things like “Only Tenors can be good singers” and “Oh, you can’t sing that high” – well, I’m here to tell you otherwise. Just because the next vocal coach or your local classical teacher hasn’t perfected the right approach to building the baritone vocal range, don’t mean it can’t be done – and that’s what BVS is all about.

Techniques like Vocal Placement, Vowel positions, Delivery, Diction, Bright resonance, strain release and diaphragmatic support have all helped me take my bellowing low range well up into the tenor range and beyond – and now I specialise in teaching these very methods to my fellow baritones so that you too, yes, you, can sing in any vocal range you like, despite your low natural range!

So don’t let that local teacher tell you what you can and can’t sing – tell ME what your goals are and we’ll work on your technique together to give you WAY more range than you ever have imagined, limitless power and total control! Book a session with me now to get started with the RIGHT approach to Baritone Singing Lessons

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