Exclusive Beginner Singing Lesson

Congratulations on being accepted to today’s intake of special guests to this exclusive beginner singing lesson, designed for your voice in particular by a voice coach who understand’s your the confusion and frustration that comes along with being an absolute beginner singer. You might be wondering “Where do I start” or “How can I get started” […]

Mature Age Singing Lesson

Mature Age Singing Lesson Hi, I’m Kegan from Bohemian Vocal Studio! Welcome to this exclusive mature age singing lesson with BVS – where every course and tutorial is designed with your voice in mind. You’re probably already aware of the unique challenges faced when learning how to sing as a mature aged singer. In this […]

Private Baritone Lesson

Private Baritone Lesson Congratulations on being accepted to today’s intake of guests to my exclusive Baritone Singing Lesson. When you’re ready to learn the solutions to all of the unique challenges faced by low-voiced singers (and so much more), use the unique password you were emailed to access the lesson below. Learning how to sing […]

Support Booster

Support Booster Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Support Booster Course. In this premium course I will show you a practical step-by-step process for developing breath support in your voice. This booster course will share some of the most powerful support and breathing techniques and concepts along with specially tailored support exercises that with practice over […]

Foundation 101 Signup

Foundation 101 Course Bohemian Vocal Studio’s Foundation 101 singing course will show you how to set up a rock solid and bullet-proof foundation for your vocal technique so that you can start building the singing voice of your dreams. You will learn how to connect chest and head voice, place your resonance, shape each of […]