How to sing vibrato correctly

How to sing vibrato correctly “How do I sing with vibrato?” is a super popular question I’m often asked here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, and the simple answer is that you can’t “learn” how to sing vibrato – Vibrato is actually the result of healthy singing technique rather than a singing technique or trick in […]

What is mix voice?

What is mix voice? Mix voice, or “middle voice” is that ever elusive tone that your favourite singers seem to use with very little effort, powerful high notes that aren’t ‘weak’ like yours may be, and still with a super rich low end that seems smooth as butter. But what is mix voice? Mix voice […]

How to improve middle voice

How to improve middle voice Improving your middle voice, or ‘building your mix’ as it’s sometimes called, is an often confusing task – especially when it’s a concept some do naturally, some do not! If you’ve ever taken singing lessons, or bought a singing course, and you followed it to the letter, practised every day of […]

Top tips on how to sing in 2018

Tips on how to sing in 2018 Learning how to sing doesn’t have to be so difficult, stressful or even expensive! With these tips on how to sing, you’ll be breathing better, resonating with more power and soaring through your range in no time! #1 Tips on how to sing better – Breathe using the […]

Appoggio singing technique

Appoggio singing technique Appoggio is one of those Italian classical terms that does more to confuse and confound than it really does to actually help singers ‘sing’. Derived somewhat for the Italian word for “Lean on” or “Leaning”, this is what people who use classical terms are referring to when they say ‘lean on the […]

Rock singing techniques

Rock singing techniques Singing ROCK requires a certain finesse and of course, POWER, POWER, POWER! Rock singing techniques are based around a healthy foundation of proper breathing, diaphragmatic control, resonance, vowels and many more proper voice techniques that allow you to create a rockin’ sound without actually putting your voice at risk. First step? Build. […]

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