So You Want To Be A Good Singer [The Shocking Truth]

So You Want To Be A Good Singer

[The Shocking Truth]



Finding this article might very well be the most important thing that ever happens to you as a singer.

There's a hard truth about becoming a great singer that NOONE is telling you.

And as you're about to find out, this one simple thing can absolutely make or break your singing voice.

But let's start with the cold hard facts about why you need to read on, and why you absolutely must listen to what I'm saying;

I've spent years in the trenches as both a professional singer and voice teacher doing the hard-yards for you to discover what REALLY works, so that you don't have to.

My studio is regularly ranked as one of the Top 10 Vocal Methods in the world along side some of the most famous singing approaches and courses out there from Christina Aguilera's Masterclass through to "Hollywood Coach To The Stars" Roger Love.

I might not be running advertising campaigns absolutely everywhere telling you that "I'm the best", doing "voice coach reacts" videos or getting hot girls to sing vocal covers on my channel to try and drum up followers and viral videos - but I HAVE been teaching singing professionally for over a decade - Bohemian Vocal Studio was launched in 2010 in my Sydney music studio and then taken online in 2014.

Even other voice coaches with tens of thousands of their own subscribers say that "Bohemian Vocal Studio is the ONLY vocal school to trust"

I'm also one of the very few "rock" voices coaches out there sharing the secrets and insight from personally building a Four Octave Singing Range.

But it's not all lip trills and vowel modification - In fact, I'm constantly bombarded with positive feedback, comments and praise about the singing on my last album;

But you didn't come here just to hear how great I am, how universally respected my approach to teaching is or how many other voice teachers out there are actually using the approach that I first taught then - you're here to become a GREAT singer yourself.

So I'll cut to the chase and tell you a harsh truth that very few singing teachers are going to tell you.

While other teachers and YouTube gurus are busy telling you how "anyone can sing" and how their "approach works for anyone" and how they're "better than everyone else" - I'm going to drop a few truth bombs on you that might hurt a little:

Learning how to sing isn't easy.

You're going to hit roadblocks along the way.

You're going to have bad days.

Nothing is going to make you sing better "instantly"

There's no "secret" to great singing other than excellent technique

You're probably even going to feel like giving up - more than once.

I'm even going to go as far as making the terrible business decision of telling you that even my dynamite approach to voice coaching doesn't just "work for anyone and everyone". In fact;

It takes serious hard work.

You have to invest in your voice.

It takes dedication.

It's going to take practice - and lots of it.

But it yields results like this; the first is a recent Mark Lanegan cover I released showing how my natural low range has developed and progressed (just in case you had any questions about whether I'm really a baritone), and the second is one of the latest Dead Spirit Communion tracks which was really just an excuse for me to go nuts in my higher range in an intensely powerful rock song;

Why Am I Telling You All Of This?


It's shocking to hear the truth, right?

Aren't I supposed to just be selling a course or something?

Aren't you just going to tell us how awesome you are, and how much better your approach is than everyone else's?

You might even be wondering why I'm telling you this - or even how my business has survived and thrived over the past decade when I'm saying basically the OPPOSITE of what everyone else out there says.

Am I just really bad at marketing, or am I actually onto something truly powerful and groundbreaking here?

Sure, I'm not big on marketing and advertising; I mean, if you've got a great product, then it'll basically sell itself, right?

But it's definitely the latter. I've found that blunt honesty and giving everyone ALL the information upfront yields the best results for my students, and ultimately my studio. I might not get the casual 'tire-kicker' student that saw a reaction video or hot chick on my coaching channel - but my students are serious.

They're dedicated.

They apply themselves.

And yes, it really DOES work for them - and the glowing reviews of my studio really do say it all.

The Best vocal coach ever.
Kegan helps me so much.

No complications - Only simple effective tools for singing...

Posted by Иван Радьков on Tuesday, February 20, 2018

But, there's a catch.

This powerful approach ONLY works if you apply yourself to The Four Vocal Fundamentals that I'm about to share with you.

So Where To From Here?

You've read the reviews, you've seen other voice coaches with tens of thousands of their own subscribers SWEAR by my approach - and you've even checked out my original music to see if I'm the real deal as a rock singer, or just some guy who does lip trills in front of a piano all day.

It all checks out.

You might be wondering why I've made you read all of this and challenge the very way that you feel about learning how to sing - and challenge what everyone else out there is saying, before giving you a link to my course or lessons?

And that's because I only want to work with SERIOUS singers.

I only want to share this with DEDICATED singers.

If you've made it this far, then I only want to share it with someone like YOU.

I'm going to venture a guess that you learned more in the <10 minute video I just shared with you above than you've probably learned over YEARS of trawling through YouTube videos or even many years of taking weekly singing lessons.

You're starting to work on The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Your voice is getting better.

High notes seem easier.

But is there anything ELSE you need to learn to become a total powerhouse singer beyond those Four Vocal Fundamentals.

Of course, I'm about to share with you the #1 most important thing you will EVER learn as a singer;

Register Overtones.

If you're serious about becoming a great singer, you absolutely MUST learn to modify your vowels correctly to achieve and develop your overtones - and I'm absolutely 100% going to just SHOW YOU how to do it yourself:

Watch the video the full way through to learn how to modify your vowels the right way to achieve your register overtones, and I'll even set you up with a 3 Part Vocal Plan to help you develop every vowel overtone in your voice just below the video.

Sign Up To Your 3 Part Vocal Plan Below:


Foundation 101

  • Connect chest and head voice
  • Learn to sing in Mixed Voice
  • Shape your vowels correctly
  • Increase your range
  • Improve your tone
  • Sing with ease
  • Release strain, tension and bad habits
  • Warm up more effectively
  • INVEST in your voice!
  • Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

Master The Four Vocal Fundamentals

With The Foundation 101 Singing Course


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