Are You A Good Singer?

Are You A Good Singer?

Are you wondering whether you have what it takes to become a great singer? Perhaps you’re a complete beginner, or are you a good singer already wondering how to take your voice to the next level. Ultimately, singing is a skill – just like a sport, learning to drive, learning a new language or any mental and physical challenge you apply yourself to. Sure, some singers are naturally apt when it comes to coordination and pitch, but it’s still simply a skill – and you can learn any skill if you apply yourself to the process with the right information. Lets go through each of the skills that you first need to master before asking are you a good singer.

Balance and Coordination

Singing is a process of balance. A great singer is simply a singer that has achieved coordination and balance, either with a natural skill or with training and practice. Every single aspect of singing can be traced back to balance, and every issue you experienced can be linked to a lack of balanced. Concepts like Mixed Voice are a great way to develop and manage balance in your voice. By blending resonance from chest voice with your head register, you can retain the rich depth from your low register while enjoying the extensive high range afforded by head voice. Broad techniques and concepts like Open Throat Singing actually refer to balance and coordination between each element of your vocal foundation;

  • Balanced onsets
  • Blending chest and head voice
  • Support (balance between air flow and air pressure)
  • Compression
  • Tuning your vowels and frequencies
  • Tonal placement
  • Resonant Space
  • Vocal fold closure
  • Articulation and enunciation

By first developing a powerful vocal foundation, you will easily achieve the ultimate goal of Open Throat Singing – which is simply a fancy term for singing with power, resonance and freedom from strain.

Consistency Is Key

The main difference between someone who likes to sing, and someone who is truly a great singer – is consistency. To becomeĀ  a great singer, you must develop a foolproof approach to each note, each vowel, each register, each word and each song. With a rock solid vocal foundation, you will ensure peak consistency and maintain the most efficient resonance no matter where in your range you sing.

one of the first things you need to do while developing a great singing voice is to connect chest and head voice. Chest and Head are simply fancy terms to describe the tonal centre of your low and high range – and the truth is, they actually connect in a powerful way when you learn to blend resonance in theĀ  mixed register, which is made up of part chest resonance and part head resonance. Mixed voice really is the key to becoming a great singer.

Mixed Voice Singing

The best place to start is this exclusive Mixed Voice Singing Lesson which will show you how to get started with blending resonance and building a powerful vocal foundation.

For many years I also struggled to sing high notes and experienced vocal strain – until I developed a powerful mixed voice that allowed me to sing with the power of chest voice and the extensive range of head voice. Are you sick of tension and strain when you sing? You absolutely MUST experience mixed voice to stop wondering are you a good singer?

If you have any questions about becoming a great singer, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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