Adult singing lessons

Adult singing lessons

Bohemian Vocal Studio has been providing adult singing lessons since 2010 and now coaches students from Russia to New York, Sweden to Serbia, Hong Kong and Australia – and everywhere in between! As a naturally low baritone, Kegan from BVS has special experience coaching non-standard voice types from Bass through to Soprano. With a specialty coaching thick accents and experience with students in Eastern Europe, Asia and other uncommon accents like Swedish, Australian, French and Spanish – Bohemian Vocal Studio will help you build a powerful singing voice, regardless of your native tongue, accent or voice type.

Online Vocal Singing Lessons are available through Bohemian Vocal Studio using either Skype or Zoom, you only need a stable internet connection and just a basic computer or smartphone – I personally alternate between an iPad mini, a P9 smartphone and a basic Lenovo laptop.

Learn how to sing in Mix voice

Learning how to sing in Mix voice is a KEY aspect in adult singing lessons – often overlooked even in the best singing course, mix voice will enable you to connect your low range “chest voice” and your high range “head voice” with ease. I like to think of “chest voice” as full-length vocal chords, and “head voice” as fully-shortened (zipped up!) vocal chords – and then middle voice as everything in between. This allows you to sing in a FULL voice without the vocal cord strain you’ll experience if you try to sing higher chest voice notes.

Mix voice, often referred to as middle voice singing, truly is the ‘secret’ technique that you’ll need to learn if you want to become a professional singer. Two fantastic ways to build your middle voice involve ‘projection’, or a little singing tip that I like to call ‘classroom voice’. Here’s a super simple tutorial I’ve put together to help you access your middle voice:

If you’re ready to power up your singing voice and start building your MIX, you can book a Skype singing lesson with me today and I’ll SHOW you how to do it!

The top private singing lessons

Since 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily become the premier studio for private singing lessons – and with a wealth of information available here at, you can see the quality and care with which Kegan coaches his students, and a lifelong passion held for singing. The BVS community includes members of all ages, not just young hopefuls and the inexperienced, but also seasoned pros looking for answers and even quite a number of students in the 50-70 age bracket who are seeing improvement simply from following our complimentary tutorials and are now taking it further with personalised adult singing lessons over Skype.

How to I take a private singing lesson with Bohemian Vocal Studio?

All you need is a basic computer or smartphone, and of course a reliable internet connection. I’ve hosted singing lessons in San Diego, singing lessons Brisbane, singing lessons in NJ, singing lessons in Sweden, singing lessons in Spain, all across Europe and even singing lessons in Russia – beginner singing lessons right through to vocal singing lessons with professional touring musicians.

How can I book in? 

You can purchase private singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio by logging into the booking calendar and purchasing a session –  you can then choose a suitable time at your convenience in the calendar itself. Keep in mind the calendar will stay in Brisbane AEST time, and your chosen timezone will only show up in light grey when you click on an available spot in the calendar. It’s a super easy process, but you’re also welcome to get in touch if you  need some help booking in.

Can you teach me in my local area?

Bohemian Vocal Studio is now a 100% online based singing studio, I reach students worldwide each week using Skype (or Zoom if you prefer!). No matter your location, we can meet for a Skype session.

Do you teach beginner singing lessons?

Absolutely – beginner singing lessons are actually my favourite to coach, because there’s a ‘clean slate’ and I can show you the RIGHT way to sing right from the very start. My approach to singing is practical, easy to follow, even easier to implement and absolutely the most efficient online singing lessons beginners will benefit from.

Do you teach seasoned singers/What if I’m already a singer?

That’s perfect too! Keep in mind that my approach to singing is a comprehensive and all encompassing steps based singing method, so you really do need to possess a strong foundation and an understand of the concepts we’ll be developing – I suggest starting ‘tabula rasa’ (clean slate), and putting aside the courses/approaches that you’ve already worked on, because a) they’re not working for you – this is why you’ve booked a session with me, right? b) it’s like two different languages, learn to speak one at a time!

I’ve coached professional touring musicians, singers with over 20+ years of experience and all age ranges and levels of technique – no matter your level of singing, singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio are sure to improve your voice, increase your range, improve your tone and leave you with a PRACTICAL way to sing actual songs, not just scales and exercises!

I’m not ready to commit to singing lessons yet…

That’s totally fine! With my free foundations short courses, you can get started without committing to a personalised Skype singing lesson. You’ll learn the most powerful approach to diaphragm breathing, the key to singing with resonance and also a basic warmup to get you started on your way to powerful singing technique.

I’m already taking local singing lessons

That’s fine! Online singing lessons with Bohemian Vocal Studio are a powerful companion to your local singing lessons. With online singing lessons, you have access to the BEST vocal coaching in the world, not just what is available locally.

What you’ll learn in Adult singing lessons

Adult singing lessons might differ to what you may have learned as a youth, and if you’ve been singing for quite a while, you may find that your voice no doubt sounds VERY different to how it did when you first started singing – it’s important that you get the very best vocal coaching tailored to your unique voice. Some of the things I teach here at Bohemian Vocal Studio;

  • Middle Voice
  • Diaphragmatic Breathing
  • Resonance and placement
  • Vowel placement
  • Vowel modification and tuning
  • The key to consonants
  • Songs, songs and more songs!
  • So much more

Since 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio has steadily become the premier vocal studio for Rock Singing Lessons, and Kegan’s love of the originals like John Fogerty, Paul Rodgers, Aretha Franklin, Eric Burdon through to Bon Jovi, Sebastian Bach, Adele and so many other incredible singers truly shines through in his passion for vocal coaching. Don’t just learn scales, learn how to actually SING with Bohemian Vocal Studio!

Rock Singing Lessons

I’ve taught pop, rock, classical, musicals and theatre, heavy metal, rock, blues, jazz and r’nb – but my personal favourite and forte is simply Rock Singing Lessons – powerful singing technique for a healthy and resonant singing voice. You might be surprised to find out that alot of your favourite singers likely have some background in classical singing technique and an understanding of how to sing with resonance and support – the most important part of Rock Singing Lessons is understanding that vocal HEALTH is actually the key to a powerful, soaring ROCK voice. Your foundation is imperitive to a healthy voice, and starts with posture, diaphragmatic breathing and resonance – all things you’ll learn here at Bohemian Vocal Studio. When you’ve built your foundation and you’re ready to POWER UP your singing voice, I’ll show you how to tune your vowels and increase your range so you can hit high notes without straining, and build strength in your voice so you can sing the WAY you want to, while keeping your voice safe and consistent.

By taking rock vocal lessons online with Bohemian Vocal Studio, your voice will be safe, POWERFUL and constantly improving in so many ways!

The TOP private vocal lessons

When I personally started learning how to sing, there were very few resources out there for budding singers, especially those like me with a low natural voice, and also non-standard accent. I started BVS as a way to pass on the knowledge I’ve learned in over 15+ years of singing, along with the secrets I’ve learned along the way to singing baritone without straining, with a full and extensive vocal range and also the ability to sing ANY song, no matter my low natural range as a baritone, and without my Australian accent being an obstacle to powerful singing.

No matter your accent, voice type or native tongue – you too can learn how to sing in mix voice and POWER UP your singing range with the top private vocal lessons available online.

Whether you’re looking into rock singing lessons, pop singing lessons, folk singing lessons or blues singing lessons – Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio provides the top private vocal lessons with a special niche in training ‘difficult’ voice types and troubleshooting accents so that you can sing with a free, released and powerful voice.

Free singing lessons online

With new singing lessons videos released each week, even daily some weeks – you can learn how to sing with free singing lessons online at Bohemian Vocal Studio. You can check out free singing lessons online here at BVS by navigating to lesson HQ and get started improving your voice today! Along with the free singing lessons online available on our main page, our YouTube channel has thousands of subscribers tuning into hundreds of singing videos available at the click of a button to help you sing better, show you how to sing higher and hit high notes without straining.

When you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, you can book private vocal lessons with me and I’ll show you how to POWER UP your voice!

Adult singing lessons at the click of a button!

You can make a Skype booking with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio by logging into the online calendar and choosing the lesson type you’d like to purchase – then simply choosing an available spot at your convenience, it really IS that simple!

I’ve coached students in Russia, New York, Serbia, Hong Kong, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia, Spain, South America, Canada and too many other incredible locations to mention – along with experience working with so many varying accents and voice types. No matter your accent or voice type, I can help you increase your range and power up your voice in no time!

If you’re ready to take private singing lessons with me here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you can book a session with me today and we’ll get started right away!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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