Adult singing lessons

Adult singing lessons

Started in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio now reaches students worldwide via Skype – from Russia to America, Hong Kong and Sweden, and has steadily become the premier singing studio for rock and contemporary singing lessons.

With a background in classical singing technique, Kegan’s vocal coaching studio has coached beginners and touring professionals alike, and helped students achieve their goals of recording their first album, singing at their first live performance right through to theatre performance in local productions of Rock of Ages, Fiddler on the Roof and The Producers.

I honestly feel like I’m singing better than EVER! – Mark (Australia)

With the intent of simplifying overly-complicated techniques, and explaining in depth the others that have been overlooked by others, BVS is synonymous with POWER, PASSION for singing and PROFESSIONALISM.

I really love your simple and practical approach – Ivan (Russia)

With a daily presence on Skype to coach students worldwide at the click of a button, Kegan’s studio also has a stream of helpful resources available to students and fans alike, including Australia’s top YouTube rock vocal coaching channel offering adult singing lessons and free short courses and guides at

What will I learn in Adult Singing Lessons?

Bohemian Vocal Studio specialises in ‘difficult to train’ voices and voice types, including students with a baritone or bass range, right through to the highest Soprano – and is well versed in helping students with thick accents unlock their singing voice and learn to control their singing accent and sing free of strain.

With professional singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you will learn everything you need to know how to sing higher than ever before, how to sing in mix voice, power up your high range and sing with RESONANCE and POWER.

  • Learn how to sing in mix voice
  • Release your registers
  • Sing with vocal placement
  • Sing with a coordinated onset
  • The key to singing consonants
  • Shape your vowels
  • Tune your resonance
  • Learn ANY song
  • So much more!

Learn singing online

Learning how to sing online has become the standard for professional singing lessons – why go local when you can go GLOBAL and meet with the BEST voice coach available? You can learn singing online with Bohemian Vocal Studio by booking a Skype session in the online booking calendar by locking in the available slot of your choosing.

With online singing lessons at Bohemian Vocal Studio, you ensure that you are being taught only proper singing techniques by the BEST voice coach available, with years of experience coaching singers of all experience levels from touring professionals and seasoned rock singers right through to absolute beginners and intermediate singers.

BVS students have been coached towards performing on talent shows like The Voice, X-Factor and even start in music theatre productions of Rock of Ages, Shrek, Fiddler on the Roof and The Producers – along with starting their own bands, making professional recordings and of course touring professionally with established bands. No matter your level of experience from absolute beginner to seasoned pro, online singing lessons with Kegan at Bohemian Vocal Studio will show you how to sing higher than ever before and POWER UP your voice so you can sing anything you could ever desire!

Top singing tips for beginners

#1 – Start with a strong foundation

It’s important that you start out with a powerful foundation that is as strong as the voice you intend to build – so make sure you check out my free foundations short courses to learn how to set up your posture, engage your diaphragm and of course, sing with resonance!

#2 – Shape your vowels

If you’ve ever wondered why do people lose their accents when they sing, then this is the answer – you don’t PRONOUNCE your vowels when you sing, you actually SHAPE them with your tongue and the width of your vocal tract. Where you and I might speak the same word in two different ways care of our various accents, we actually need to SING the word in exactly the same way using the same tongue shape to make the best use of our resonance and allow a powerful sound to occur with minimal effort.

#3 – Develop your middle voice

Learning how to sing in mix voice is the difference between an amateur and a professional – every single one of your favourite singers is no doubt using MIX voice in some way to sing with power and ease. Learning to release from your chest voice coordination into a natural middle tonality by building your MIX will allow you to sing higher chest voice notes than ever before and connect chest voice and head voice with ease. Mixing is Fixing!

#4 – Support your voice

Using breath support the right way is paramount to a healthy voice – there IS such a thing as too much support, so it’s important to understand that breath support is a fluid and subtle art, not a ‘switch’ that comes on when you need more power.

#5 – Tune your vowels

Vowel tuning is actually pretty easy to do, and simply involves narrowing or widening your vocal tract each time you travel through a ‘tricky’ section in your voice, be it your first break, upper break or the passage through your middle voice. Make sure you book a session with me today so i can show you the best way to Tune your own individual resonance! The most basic way of tuning your vowel is called vowel modification, and involves a subtle, but often inefficient change in your vowel sound, ie: AH becomes OH then OO, and EE becomes AY and becomes OO – the problem lies in how you are forming these vowel changes, and the differences in all of our accents and native tongue. Learning how to control the root of the tongue and lift your soft palate in the correct manner while allowing release of your registers is the most efficient and powerful way to tune your vowel!

With experience in all singing styles from Rock right through to Broadway musicals, Kegan really CAN help you achieve your potential as a singer and improve your singing range with simple, and practical voice coaching – if you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, you can book a session with Bohemian Vocal Studio today!

Feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!


  1. Hi Kegan,

    I have been singing for years now in cover bands but I was never properly trained. I find after a few hours of singing I can no longer hit the high notes and my throat is always killing me! Thanks for posting this video on how to prevent this from happening! I will definitely be checking out more of your videos!


    • Thanks Tony! Make sure you release, place your voice and form your vowels properly rather than ‘pushing’ and ‘pronouncing’. A sore throat is a sign of swollen chords, so take it easy and make sure you keep working on your technique before doing anything too strenuous with your voice.

      Let me know if you have any questions about your voice.


  2. Absolutely the best training on vocal.
    Working with Keegan is the most effective thing I’ve tried in 15 years.
    For 3 sessions I got more progress on vocals than in the last 3 years, if not more.
    I wish every singer to work with such a professional and competent coach.
    With love and respect!

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