Adult singing lessons

Adult singing lessons

Started in 2010, Bohemian Vocal Studio now reaches students worldwide via Skype – from Russia to America, Hong Kong and Sweden, BVS has steadily become the premier singing studio for rock and contemporary singing lessons.

With a background in classical singing technique, Kegan’s studio has coached beginners and touring professionals alike, and helped students achieve their goals of recording their first album, singing at their first live performance right through to theatre performance in local productions of Rock of Ages, Fiddler on the Roof and The Producers.

I honestly feel like I’m singing better than EVER! – Mark (Australia)

With the intent of simplifying overly-complicated techniques, and explaining in depth the others that have been overlooked by others, BVS is synonymous with POWER, PASSION and PROFESSIONALISM.

I really love your simple and practical approach – Ivan (Russia)

With a daily presence on Skype to coach students worldwide at the click of a button, Kegan’s studio also has a stream of helpful resources available to students and fans alike, including Australia’s top YouTube rock vocal coaching channel offering adult singing lessons and free short courses and guides at www.bohemianvocalstudio.com

With experience in all singing styles from Rock right through to Broadway musicals, Kegan really CAN help you achieve your potential as a singer and improve your singing range with simple, and practical work – if you’re ready to take your voice to the next level, you can book a session with Bohemian Vocal Studio today!

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4 thoughts on “Adult singing lessons

  1. Hi Kegan,

    I have been singing for years now in cover bands but I was never properly trained. I find after a few hours of singing I can no longer hit the high notes and my throat is always killing me! Thanks for posting this video on how to prevent this from happening! I will definitely be checking out more of your videos!


    1. Thanks Tony! Make sure you release, place your voice and form your vowels properly rather than ‘pushing’ and ‘pronouncing’. A sore throat is a sign of swollen chords, so take it easy and make sure you keep working on your technique before doing anything too strenuous with your voice.

      Let me know if you have any questions about your voice.


  2. Absolutely the best training on vocal.
    Working with Keegan is the most effective thing I’ve tried in 15 years.
    For 3 sessions I got more progress on vocals than in the last 3 years, if not more.
    I wish every singer to work with such a professional and competent coach.
    With love and respect!

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