Build your power

Building power in a singing voice takes time, dedication and of course the right singing technique – A combination of powerful breath control, advanced compression techniques along with a healthy foundation of open vowels, strain release – everything that I teach here when you’re ready to book a rock singing lesson with me!

Grit, Gravel and power come from control, restraint and staying relaxed!

This is one of the most common misconceptions about learning how to sing and how to sing higher/how to sing with power – you shouldn’t be pushing to achieve grit, it actually takes control and restraint to sing with grit rather than pushing or strain. I teach these advanced singing techniques for grit, distortion and a powerful range here at Bohemian Vocal Studio – check out the below video for a simple way to build power and grit in your singing voice!

If you’re ready to build a powerful singing voice, check out my other videos or book a session with me now!

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