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Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio! My name is Kegan, and I help people build POWERFUL singing voices. I’ve been coaching powerful singing technique at BVS since 2010, and my studio is now reaching over 15+ countries worldwide each week and counting.

I love your super simple and practical approach – BEST vocal coach ever! – Ivan, Russia

I started singing in my teenage years without any specific approach to singing other than “sing loud!” and “sing fast!” – after a number of years fronting pub rock bands with limited vocal consistency, I started to experience serious issues with my voice care of my absent vocal technique and complete lack of vocal finesse.

I took lessons with almost every local vocal coach I could find, and ventured into the online world of singing courses and webcam lessons (which at the time was very limited) – honestly, I had very limited success due to my low voice type, my Aussie accent and the fact most of these teachers held the attitude that “baritones can’t sing” and really didn’t understand why my voice started so low, and also broke and flipped before most of their rangees had even started. I then started researching older approaches and attitudes to singing, every bit of information and every guide that could be found on how my voice actually worked, and WHY it had been so hard to train my voice for so many years. I realised that my voice type and natural register were much deeper than average and my voice fell into the bass range – no wonder all those Tenor voice lessons weren’t working!

Being unable to find a helpful baritone vocal coach to guide me along the way, I started developing my OWN approach to singing with the classical and Opera techniques I had learned so many years ago, and adjusting them to fit my own voice range, and also the type of music I really wanted to sing – ROCK and ROLL.

You really CAN sing anything!

That was nearly 15 years ago, and with my simple steps-based approach to rock singing, my studio now reaching students in at least 12 different countries every week, and counting! With my added experience of working with students around the globe with so many varied accents and native languages, my teaching methods have evolved to cater to any voice type, and I have a specialty in working with various accents – my understanding of the voice, along with my respect and knack for working with students who hold uncommon vocal types like I do and ALSO those who are experiencing issues like vocal breaks, getting hoarse and a diminished range has made Bohemian Vocal Studio the fastest growing vocal studio and premier resource for Rock Singing Lessons online to date.

You’re welcome to ask me any questions below, and you can book a session with me at any time by clicking on “book” in the menu at the top of the page.

Peace, Love and Rock ‘n Roll



  1. Hello Kegan
    My name is Chris, I’m a 24 year old musician from Sweden.
    I came across your channel on Youtube and I really like your videos.

    I have taken singing lessons before and I benefited a lot from it. I’m looking to get back into taking lessons and I wanted to ask you about your availability and rates.

    What is your rates for 30 min lessons and 60 min lessons?

    Chris Eklund

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