Hi, my name is Kegan.

I started singing at the tail end of highschool in the late 90’s into the early 2000’s – mainly out of frustration at finding a singer for my band at the time.

But I’ll admit, I definitely wasn’t a natural.

In fact, I sucked.

I strained, struggled, shouted, yelled, squeaked and flipped my way even through the most basic of low songs before I obviously came to the conclusion “I need help!”

So I bought a course.

I took a few lessons.

I bought more courses.

I took even MORE lessons.

And before I knew it, I’d been a vocal student for ten years and I was STILL terrible.

Sure, I could do a decent lip trill, some days I could slide between chest and head voice with a weak middle range – and sometimes I could sing a few lines of a song and think “hmm that wasn’t half bad” – but then the next day I’d be back to square one with absolutely no idea what I was doing and no ability to sing better.

Obviously, things have changed.

They’ve changed so much that my voice coaching studio is now booked out weeks to months in advance – and there’s even a waiting list for my Growth 101 singing course so my servers aren’t swamped with the sheer amount of singers who are progressing like mad using my simple but proven approach.

I’ve finally releasing the heavy rock albums with wild singing that I could only have dreamed of all those years ago that I’m super proud of which you can check out here – Dead Spirit Communion

I’m knocking back request to perform on shows like The Voice, XFactor and all many of crazy opportunities almost every single day;

Record labels, magazines and promo companies are literally knocking my door down trying to get me on their roster and in features;

But you didn’t come here to hear all about me and the crazy opportunities that keep coming up now that I’ve absolutely mastered the powerhouse approach to singing I share here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, now did you?

You want to learn how to do it yourself.

You want to be the powerhouse, dynamite singer of your dreams.

You want to make your own killer albums with wild rock singing.

So let me show you how I did it using The Four Vocal Fundamentals;


  1. Hello Kegan
    My name is Chris, I’m a 24 year old musician from Sweden.
    I came across your channel on Youtube and I really like your videos.

    I have taken singing lessons before and I benefited a lot from it. I’m looking to get back into taking lessons and I wanted to ask you about your availability and rates.

    What is your rates for 30 min lessons and 60 min lessons?

    Chris Eklund

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