Hi – I’m Kegan! I’ve been running Bohemian Vocal Studio for the past five years in Sydney, Australia. Along with providing rock singing lessons in Sydney face-to-face, I’ve now branched out as a rock vocal coach via Skype worldwide, so no matter where you live you can now book a session with me today!

I started out singing in my teenage years for local rock and blues bands with influences ranging from James Hetfield to Eric Burdon. I got by for a few years with a pushed, belty baritone sound – but without a solid foundation of healthy vocal technique, my voice started to weaken into my 20s, and I started having issues with my voice breaking and cracking where I had formerly had no problem hitting the same notes. At this point in my life I questioned whether I should continue as a singer at all let alone becoming a rock vocal coach and teaching Rock Singing Lessons…

I was told by many people that I had probably  damaged my voice for good.

Something had to be done, and fast! I did some research on ‘good vocal technique’ and soon realised that my favourite singers like Paul Rodgers, Aretha Franklin and Chris Cornell were all singing in a different way to me. Paul Rodgers’ gritty tone wasn’t pushed, Chris Cornell’s high range was relaxed, and Aretha Franklin… well, she’s just Aretha Franklin.

I booked in straight away to all the top singing courses, from online courses like SLS to private sessions with professional opera singers and lessons with local rock singing teachers alike – I soon realised that there’s a lot of false information out there, and people teaching singing who might know the tricks, but simply don’t understand the full workings of the voice and how your body creates a resonant tone.

My voice simply exploded with colour, clarity and a full range!

Compiling all the good (Bel Canto!) from all the bad (Pushing!), I soon built up my vocal technique and created a very versatile range. Over the past 10 years since my first “Aha!!” moment, I’ve learned where my voice really sits, how to self EQ and troubleshoot my voice, how to sing well past my vocal break, learned various healthy techniques like compression and vibrato, and also scratched the surface on singing with distortion, grit and a ton of other powerful singing techniques.

My below-one-octave range became two, then three, then more!

I now teach face-to-face lessons in my Sydney home and also give online Skype lessons worldwide for anyone wanting to improve their singing voice or learn how to sing online. I’ve now coached touring professionals, guided Xfactor and The Voice contestants and helped hundreds of other budding singers of various experience and ages build a powerful range and learn healthy singing techniques. See some of their positive feedback here!

If you’d like to get a head start on increasing you range and building a powerful range, check out my free singing videos or book a session now!

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  1. You don’t know how much techniques are required to properly sing until you really go deep into singing world. When I first decided to pursue my singing goal, I thought it was going to be very simple. I thought all you had to do was just keep practicing and mimick other singers. Then, I learned it was very crucial to sing with proper technique. I was very surprised there were many singers who sound really good but using bad vocal techniques that damage their voice real quick.

    1. Hi Joon – absolutely! Technique is key to singing well and improving your voice in the long run.

      You’re right, copying another singer won’t make you sing any better, and may very well lead you to pick up some bad habits or dodgy technique along the way 🙂

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