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Hi, I’m Kegan – Welcome to Bohemian Vocal Studio! I’ve been coaching powerful singing technique at BVS since 2010, and my studio is now reaching over 12+ countries worldwide and counting.

I fell into singing in the early 2000’s after a fruitless search for a great frontman for my rock band at the time – after giving up on the idea, I simply stepped up to the microphone and let out a roar! As livetime went by, I started to realise I was experiencing some SERIOUS issues with my voice care of my total lack of finesse and technique – to the point I lost my voice long term after a live gig went awry.

I started taking lessons with a local classical teacher to see if I would be able to regain some of my youthful power, but I was told in no uncertain terms that I had likely damaged my voice permanently from years of misuse – I was devastated. I soon realised it was more the approach and teaching methods that were holding me back when I took just one session with another Opera coach who showed me more in one hour than I learned in YEARS of fruitless lessons – my voice had returned!

Healthy Singing Technique had SAVED my voice!

I then started searching out every online course I could find, every bit of information and every guide that could be found on how my voice actually worked, and WHY it had been so hard to train my voice for so many years. I realised that my voice type and natural register were SUPER deeper than average and my voice fell into the bass range – no wonder all those Tenor voice lessons weren’t working!

Being unable to find a helpful baritone vocal coach to guide me along the way, I started developing my OWN approach to the classical and Opera techniques I had learned so many years ago, and adjusting them to fit my own voice range, and also the type of music I really wanted to sing – ROCK and ROLL.

You really CAN sing anything!

That was nearly 15 years ago, and with my simple steps-based approach to rock singing, my studio now reaching students in at least 12 different countries every week, and counting! With my added experience of working with students around the globe with so many varied accents and native languages, my teaching methods have evolved to cater to any voice type, and I have a specialty in working with various accents – my understanding of the voice, along with my respect and knack for working with students who hold uncommon vocal types like I do and ALSO those who are experiencing issues like vocal breaks, getting hoarse and a diminished range has made Bohemian Vocal Studio the fastest growing vocal studio and premier resource for Rock Singing Lessons online to date.

You’re welcome to ask me any questions below, and you canĀ book a session with me at any time by clicking on “book” in the menu at the top of the page.

Peace, Love and Rock ‘n Roll


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