5 Vocal Myths That Prevent Your Singing Voice From Growing

5 Vocal Myths That Prevent Your Singing Voice From Growing


I'm about to share 5 common Vocal Myths that are absolutely OBLITERATING your progress as a singer - and the solution for how to move past them and finally see that vocal growth you deserve.

To put it all in perspective, let me first share a couple of super common Myths and Old Wive's Tales not related to singing that you've probably heard a million times, but are actually completely untrue;

Cracking your knuckles gives you Arthritis - FALSE

Tons of research have been done on this one; in fact, one researcher cracked their knuckles for SIXTY years to test this myth - and the 'cracked' knuckles showed no more sign of Arthritis than the 'uncracked' knuckles.

You can catch a cold from being out in the cold - FALSE

This one is obviously bunk, as a cold is caused by a virus, not the weather. While colds and the flu are more prevalent during colder months; it's thought that this is the case because people actually spend more time indoors and around other people than in warmer months - a perfect time for incubating a cold.

Carrots give you night vision - FALSE

Funnily enough, this one was started in WWII by the English - they didn't want the Germans to know that their planes were being spotted by a new type of radar; so started the rumour that their soldiers' vision was superior due to a diet heavy in carrots.

So how does this relate to singing? Surely cracking your knuckles has nothing to do with becoming a world class singer, right?

I wanted to show you how an offhanded comment or rumour can be spread as FACT and shared as mainstream advice when it is in fact FICTION - just like the 5 Vocal Myths I'm about to share with you.



These 5 myths had me chasing my tail for years and years when I first started singing - I even had singing teachers tell me these myths point blank as "fact" and practiced many of them for weeks, months and even years wondering why I wasn't getting any better.

Is your vocal progress being blocked by these 5 Vocal Myths?

#1 - SMILE WIDE when you sing

Nope. This is a misappropriation of "The Internal Smile" from classical technique;

  • Raised cheeks under the eyes
  • Bright eyes
  • Sunken cheeks at the back of the mouth
  • Vertical aperture of the mouth
  • Raised soft palate

A wide smile at the mouth actually spreads the soft palate wide and causes your vowel to "splat" as you try to push through the width with more weight, more tension and more force.

The internal smile is exactly that, the INTERNAL smile - it shouldn't show on your face at all.

Imagine making eye contact with someone at a bar; you're not going to grin at them like the Cheshire Cat (they'll run away screaming!), you'll just make eye contact with a warm look and 'internal smile'.

This was one I had more than a few different teachers and courses trying to get me to do - and I always wondered why I had no high range and struggled so badly with strain and tension.

Total BS.

#2 - Carry Chest Voice as high as you can take it

Another piece of bunk advice I had over many years - the idea that with time you can carry your chest voice higher.

The truth is, the voice is divided into an antagonistic relationship between the TA and CT muscles (chest and head voice respectively). The true key to bridging the gap between chest and head voice is to learn to use them together/against each other to create MIXED voice.

If you want to learn how to sing with mixed voice, watch the video below:

#3 - Baritones can't sing high

I even had a singing teacher once tell me that I would "never sing anything but Johnny Cash songs" because I was having trouble with the exercises she had given me - "oh, you're just a baritone" she told me over and over again, absolutely dashing my hopes of reaching the high range I now so easily enjoy.

I've since discovered that voice types really refer to the tonal character of your voice in a classical setting and how you would fit that role or character rather than "can sing high vs. can't sing high".

I've even found that many Baritone singers end up with much better technique as a whole than natural Tenors because they actually have to learn how to do things properly, rather than just being about to "hit the note" because their voice is higher - and we've seen from natural Tenors like Jon Bon Jovi, Steve Perry and Robert Plan how that natural high range starts to disappear with time because it's just not being sung in a healthy way.

Anyone can learn to be a better singer, yes, even lower voiced Baritone singers like me - I recently detailed the process of how I personally built a 4 Octave Singing Range connected from my lowest note to my highest pitch using Vowel Modification, Mixed Voice and The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

#4 - Sing Like You Speak

Ugh, this old line again?

Speech sounds are generally created at the articulators (tip of the tongue, lips, teeth, mouth etc), sung vowels are formed in the pharynx (the space created by a raised soft palate) - I can't reiterate enough  just how different singing and speaking are, even though you're technically using the same mechanism.

If you're serious about becoming a better singer, you need to learn how to modify your vowels correctly in the pharynx.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how I built an INSANE amount of vocal range - yes, even after I was told I'd never be a good singer!

Add your details below to receive my free 3-Part Vocal Plan showing you how to build an INSANE amount of vocal range.



I'll admit - I believed this one for a LONG time.

I struggled, I strained, I yelled, I bellowed - my voice cracked, broke and flipped like crazy (did you see my "before and after" in the video above??).

I even had singing teachers telling me I wouldn't ever be a good singer, friends telling me I sucked - and I even screwed up a huge recording session because I believed that it was just all too hard and didn't truly apply myself to the right approach.

It's absolutely untrue.

It's false.

It's just your mind playing tricks on you.

If you want to know how I truly turned it all around and finally started smashing my dreams and achieving so much more than I'd ever hoped or even thought was possible, watch the video below to learn the true secret to ALL great singing;

The Four Vocal Fundamentals.

If you want to sing ROCK at the highest level... choose BVS!


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