5 Questions To Ask Before Taking Rock Singing Lessons

5 Questions To Ask Before Taking Rock Singing Lessons

In the world of singing, one thing is for certain, the world isn’t short of voice teachers – but how do you work out whether a singing teacher is legit, and most important, will understand your voice and coach you to sing the way you want to sing? Your voice is unique, so the approach you use really needs to be developed specifically with your voice in mind – those generic (and often expensive) courses really aren’t designed to help your voice.  Before booking in for Rock Singing Lessons or buying a Rock Singing Course, it’s important that you ask these 5 questions about a Rock Singing Coach first to make sure you’re getting the best value for your time and money, and the best training for your voice.

#1 – Can they sing?

This probably seems like a no-brainer, but really, beyond impressive exercises and scales, can your potential voice coach actually sing themselves? Singing is more than just scales and exercises, and there is specific skill and training required to sing actual songs in a confident, consistent and convincing way. A great voice coach should ALWAYS have a great singing voice!

#2 – Will their approach be tailored, or generic?

The approach you use to sing with needs to be designed for your unique voice and be created with your individual needs and issues in mind. Often, vocal coaches just want to teach ‘what worked for them’ rather than what your voice needs. If you are being sold a generic course, or one of the contemporary mainstream singing approaches that are ‘one size fits all’, you’re barking up the wrong tree for building a great singing voice.

#3 – Do they teach in a practical way?

You’ve probably hear classical terms like Appoggio or Open Throat thrown around at will by the odd YouTube voice coach or two without any further explanation. It’s important that broader concepts and figures of speech are explained in a practical, simple and useful way for your voice instead of speaking in tongues with a secret language that few can understand. A good voice coach will be able to explain these complicated concepts and techniques in a practical way without the need for abstract instruction or relying on the mystery factor that comes with classical singing technique.

#4 – Will they build your foundation?

Believe it or not, some of the most popular contemporary singing methods pay no attention to the proven approach of diaphragmatic breathing, vocal placement and posture – in essence, making you sing with your speaking voice in a way that is inconsistent, weak and unpleasant. This might work for someone who just wants to learn a few lines of a song to sing at a birthday party, but for a singer that takes their voice and vocal health seriously, your foundation is KEY. Your voice is only ever going to be as strong as the foundation you build it upon, so make sure the approach you’re researching or deciding on teachest foundational elements like breathing, posture and placement.

#5 – Can you get ongoing feedback?

I pride Bohemian Vocal Studio on the concept of ‘over service’ – in short, I offer ongoing feedback to current and past students where I can and those looking for the quick tip or guidance where something might not be working as it should. This is another reason that self-service singing courses often let students down, you could be practicing in completely the wrong manner and have no idea, and often there is no way to actually contact the guru who is selling these courses – meaning you are singing blind with no help and guidance. You may as well have just bought a cheap book on singing and not wasted your time or money! If a vocal coach isn’t available for contact or to reply to a reasonable email or two every now and then, then you’re drinking from the wrong fountain.

By asking these five important questions before booking Rock Singing Lessons, you will ensure that you are receiving the best training for your voice along with the best value for your time and money. A great place to start with Rock Singing Lessons is the free foundations courses I offer here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, and then when you’re ready to take your voice to the next level with professional coaching you can book a Skype Session and we’ll get started today!

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