5 Positive Motivation Quotes (That Will Help You Sing Better)

5 Positive Motivation Quotes (That Will Help You Sing Better)

Singing is easy, but learning how to sing is often a struggle for many people. One of the greatest struggles with becoming a great singer is staying positive and staying motivated. It’s easy to educate yourself on the process of singing and understand how it ‘should’ work, but actually putting this into practice with consistent training and regular practice is often the difference between being a singer, and being a beginner.

I repeat these 5 positive motivation quotes to myself daily as I’m practicing and training my singing voice and often remind my students of the importance that positivity and motivation play in building a great singing voice.

#1 – Even the world’s BIGGEST rock stars were once total beginners

Think about it, Rock Stars aren’t born, they’re created. Success is a journey and a process that comes with hard work, perseverance and positivity. If you quit the game before you even start because you’re comparing yourself to your idols or someone who is successful already, then you’re ignoring the fact that even these powerful and successful people were once beginners themselves.

As a singer, you may not yet be able to sing like your favourite singers or hit the high notes you’ve always dreamed of, but once upon a time neither could you favourite singers. Chris Cornell wasn’t ‘born’ singing a high C, and Aretha wasn’t ‘born’ the Queen of Soul – they became so with practice, hard work, perseverance and positive action.

#2 – Positive Action Yields Positive Results

Positive Action Yields Positive Results – this is my daily mantra. What you can’t do today, you can learn to do tomorrow. Singing is a simple process of coordination and balance, both of which you can train with consistent practice and the right thought process. Are you taking positive steps towards building the voice of your dreams?

#3 – Rock ‘n Roll isn’t meant to be perfect

Amen to that, Ozzy. Aiming for pure perfection in a singing voice goes against the nature of how to vocal mechanism works – singing is a fluid and ever changing process, and your voice is an ever changing instrument. Learn how to sing in a dynamic, powerful and unique way and you will succeed – aim for soulless perfection and you will be disappointed in every note you sing.

#4 – The Journey of 1000 Miles starts with One Single Step

Rome wasn’t built in a day. Remember, even the most powerful singer out there once sang their very first note and considered themselves a beginner and amateur – don’t compare your journey to someone else’s road. If you treat singing like a journey and each milestone a truckstop along the way, you’ll soon realise just how true this quote is. It’s easy to sit back and think “This is all too hard” or “Why is this so much harder for me than everyone else?”, but if you treat your journey towards becoming a great singer as a step-by-step process, you will be pleasantly surprised by the progress you make and just how far you’ve come.

#5 – Don’t let anything hold you back from your hopes and dreams

This one is more about the photo than the quote: Layne Staley in a wheelchair with a broken leg performing in front of thousands of adoring Alice in Chains fans. Did Layne let a little bone break hold him back from his hopes and dreams of success? Hell no. Don’t let anything hold you back from your hopes and dreams, a setback is only a mistake is you let it happen repeatedly – learn from your mistakes and power forward with the new knowledge you’ve gained.

I have these quotes written up in my practice studio and remind myself daily that singing is a process, not a destination. Your voice is ever changing and true success as a singer comes from travelling your own road and discovering your own true voice.

Want to learn how I found my own true voice as a singer? Read about my journey here – How I found my REAL singing voice (you won’t believe it!)

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If you have any questions about staying motivated while learning to sing, please leave any feedback or questions below!

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