5 Law Of Attraction Tips [To Help You Sing Better]

5 Law Of Attraction Tips [To Help You Sing Better]

The Law Of Attraction is the idea that if you plant it, it will grow – meaning that your attitude and self-opinions really do affect how you succeed in life, be it in business, or more appropriately for this tutorial how well you sing. A limiting belief like “I have a bad voice” will become true if you are constantly telling yourself this fact, and there is a scientific basis for this, in that it will colour your decision making and the choices you make, ultimately leading you down the path of failure. Now, if you told yourself “I have a great voice”, you would no doubt persevere and make better choices surrounding your vocal health and vocal education – where the singer who says that their voice “sucks” will simply give up, or they will think it’s all too hard because of their bad voice.

Here’s the kicker; there is no such thing as a “bad” voice, only a voice that lacks balance and control. After all, singing isn’t a muscular feat, it’s one of balance and coordination trained over time. Consistency is key in a great singing voice, so if you lack balance, you will be inconsistent and hence, not sing well. This doesn’t mean you have a ‘bad voice’, it simply means that you haven’t developed the right balance and understanding of your voice to sing effectively – let’s fix that with these 5 Law of Attraction Tips [To Help You Sing Better].

#1 – You already have the voice of your dreams

That’s right. Even when you become a world-class singer, you will have exactly the same voice that you have now, only you’ll be using it in a better way. That’s right, you don’t ‘stretch’ your vocal chords longer than they are physically now, you simply balance and coordinate the mechanism better with training, practice and perseverance – making you a better singer.

Keep that in mind the next time your voice cracks or breaks when you attempt to sing a high note. It’s not your voice letting you down, it’s your approach.

#2 – Limiting beliefs are a downer

No really, they will stop you having the vocal range of your dreams and drag you down, down, down. A limiting belief is any opinion or belief, that may or may not even be true or relevant to your life, or your voice, that colours your decision making and leads to failure. The example I just used of the singer who constantly says they “suck” is a great example of a limiting belief. Another is that it’s impossible to sing like your favourite singer, just like this gentleman below who simply doesn’t believe it’s possible to sing a Chris Cornell song, and thinks it’s irresponsible of me to help others do so – the truth is, Chris Cornell was an incredible singer that worked HARD to attain the voice he was so famous for, and it’s an insult to his hard work to simply say, “Oh, that’s easy for him”.

The truth is, this person is likely not a singer at all, has never spent one iota of the time that a well-trained singer has developing their range, onsets, diction, vowels and the many other aspects of a great singing voice, and yet they have a fierce opinion¬†that it simply can’t be done, and that it shouldn’t be attempted, and that I’m wrong for encouraging and helping others to do so. It’s true, this person will NEVER sing a Chris Cornell song in their life, but someone who believes they can, and works towards it, and constantly trains their voice the way Chris Cornell did, can and WILL sing Chris Cornell songs with ease;

#3 – Your voice is 80% psychological

That’s right, not only is the majority of your vocal mechanism an involuntary and psychological process, your thought process and mental state really DO affect the way you sing. If you are focusing on a high note, or a phrase you perceive as difficult, your voice and body are going to ‘prepare’ and ‘brace’ for this difficult passage and ultimately make it difficult to sing. Now, if you have a solid base of consistent vocal technique and a controlled approach to singing and you tell yourself “I’ve got this” or “I love singing this phrase”, your voice will slot into place like an old pair of shoes and you will totally nail the note and sing the phrase perfectly.

In essence, you are what you think.¬†Your voice is 80% psychological, don’t forget it…

#4 – The power of intention

I often punctuate the tutorials on the Bohemian Vocal Studio YouTube channel with a reminder that an exercise itself has no importance other than the intention you sing it with. You can practice scales all day long, but if you have the wrong focus and intention, you will never improve. If you practice a scale for only five minutes with the RIGHT intention, then your voice will improve.

The power of intention is incredibly important when you sing, not just like the example I just gave, but because it ties all the various elements of your vocal technique together. A great singer isn’t thinking about register release, or vowels, or resonant space, they are simply singing with intention.

#5 – Understanding the nature of change

Just like any other part of your body, from muscles and tendons through the balance and coordination, your voice changes over time. This means that 20 years from now, you will likely possess a different instrument to the voice you possess now – if you try to use the same instruction manual and sing as though the instrument is the same, you will lose range over time and experience many ongoing issues with your voice.

Now, if you treat your voice like a new instrument EVERY day and constantly workshop any pressing issues in your voice, or acknowledge you are having a bad day and then sing accordingly to the instrument you have on that day, you will gain range over time and you will stay consistent, controlled and powerful when you sing, even as your voice ages.

This also applies to your situation and the environment in which you sing – no two rooms are the same, and hence, you may receive different cues or hear your voice in a different manner. This is why it’s important to sing with your current instrument, and not the voice you had yesterday, and not sing as though you are in the same room as you were yesterday. The nature of change is that it is constant.

Using these five Law of Attraction principles, you will start to enjoy the process of learning how to sing, and be able to turn any flubs or mistakes into lessons and positives that light the way for how you best progress and move forward with your voice and vocal training. Remember, you are what you think, and the way you think affects the way you sing. Are you holding on to limiting beliefs and standing in the way of your own potential as a singer?

A great place to start with a clean slate is the free foundations courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio which will show you how to set up a strong base for your voice to grow from. Then when you are ready to take it up another notch with professional advice and guidance, you can book a Skype Session and we’ll start working towards extending your range and building control, consistency and balance in your voice every time you sing.

If you have any questions about learning how to sing and how you can apply the concept of LOA to sing more consistently, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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