30 Day Singer Guarantee [100% Effective]

Build Range With This Crazy


So you want to learn how to sing.

You want range.

You want power.

You want a killer tone.

But YouTube is super confusing, right?

There’s Open Throat singing, speech singing, modes, twang, vowel modification, the pharynx, the epiglottis, the diaphragm blah blah blah.

Let’s be honest – learning how to sing can be a bit of a shit show.

And there’s no guarantees.

Thousands of hours spent watching videos.

Thousands of hours more spent practicing weird exercises.

Oh, and the MONEY spent on courses and training.

^ And none of it ever comes with a 30 day singer guarantee, right?

Well, I think that needs to change.

So, I’ve crafted an absolutely insane 30 Day Growth Guarantee with my vocal approach.

Not only do I offer a money back guarantee on my course pack which contains BOTH of my vocal courses and an hour of my time for a Skype coaching session together – I’ll also chip in an extra $10 of my own money along with the full refund to show you just how serious I am about your voice, and how serious I am about this approach working for you.

But, this isn’t for everyone.

It isn’t for armchair-clickers who just want a quick fix.

It’s not for lazy people.

It’s not for people who are going to ‘cherry pick’ this and that from my approach and create a frankenstein approach from 10 other methods and expect it to work.

It’s not for people who don’t ask questions.

It’s not for singers who aren’t dedicated.

But if you’re dedicated, you put the time in, you work towards your goals without frustration and desperation and instead ask questions and use the course material as I instruct you to;

I guarantee you’ll see growth in your singing voice in 30 days.

Or, I’ll refund the course pack in FULL plus an extra $10 of my own money.

But again, it’s not for everyone.

I’m not going to give you a link to my course page just yet, because I need to know whether you’ve got what it takes to apply yourself to my approach (I’m not just giving out ten dollar notes and free courses here) so that you see the very best results and growth in your singing.

What I’d like you to do is click on this link first and watch the video there in FULL, then add your details underneath to join up to my free vocal plan first. If you make it through the vowel modification training video (again, it’s free) and you think you can handle all the extra range, all the incredible power, the freedom and the massive confidence boost that comes with building the voice of your dreams – then I’ll shoot across a link to join my courses and take advantage of this insane offer.

If you’re serious about becoming a better singer, and you want a proven, tested, GUARANTEED approach that you’re definitely going to see results with, hit that link above to watch the video and join the vocal plan.

If you’re still on the fence, I suggest checking out this training video first to see just how EASY it is to become a better singer before hitting the link below;

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