30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee

I'm SO serious about your growth as a singer that I'm willing to put my guarantee where my mouth is with a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee.

Have you heard of any other vocal method offering a full money back guarantee on their courses?


Have you heard of a vocal method where the coach who designed the courses is actually available at ANY point throughout the course to answer your questions?


Have you ever heard of a vocal teacher who will teach you for FREE with an hour of their own time if you buy their course and it doesn't do exactly what it says on the box?


Until now that is!

Bohemian Vocal Studio is the only vocal method that will do absolutely every single one of these for you.

Not only can you contact me directly through the 'discussion' link in each of my courses (and YES - it's actually me you're speaking with, not a member of my team or a forum), but I'll also refund you in full AND train you for free with an hour of my own personal time if you buy any of my courses at FoundationVocalCourse.com and they don't do what they say on the box.

Wild stuff, right? 

What have you got to lose?

Terms and Conditions

The Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee applies to any course purchased at FoundationVocalCourse.com - the guarantee comes with specific stipulations.

For the guarantee to be claimed, the courses need to be completed in full including all assignments including the audio upload portion of the Foundation Vocal Course.

Course usage is tracked - for example, if you view it once in the first day only for ten minutes, then don't use the course for 30 days, the guarantee doesn't apply.

If no questions are asked throughout the program using the 'discussion' link in the courses, it is assumed you are benefitting highly from the course and have no further questions because you've become a spectacular singer as a result - and the guarantee won't apply.

So, ask as many questions as you need to, view the courses daily and follow the course through from start to finish multiple times and use the warmups daily. This is a requirement for the 30 Day Growth Guarantee.

What do you mean by "does what it says on the box"?

By the courses doing "what they say on the box" - I'm talking about the concepts taught in each course.

ie: The Mixed Voice Booster will teach you how to find and develop Mixed Voice.

ie: The Foundation Vocal Course will teach you the base fundamentals of singing; the AH and AY vowel, connecting chest and head voice, singing with a bright forward placement and how to control the soft palate.

This is not to say you are going to be headlining Wemberly Stadium in 30 days, or have a record deal, or succeed at your audition; these are personal goals and not the express purpose of each training course.

One hour of free training

The incentive of a full refund and an hour of free vocal training with me applies only to the courses at FoundationVocalCourse.com and come with the strict stipulations in this FAQ guide.

If you've sincerely invested your time and energy into my approach and you're coming up severely short of the skills being taught in the course, you've asked multiple questions along the way, submitted the assignments and stuck to the training routine based on the advice I've given you - and you're none the wiser after 30 days with no further skills or understanding as a singer, you're welcome to claim the 30 day Growth Guarantee to receive a full refund on the course and a credit for one hour of Skype vocal training with me.

I reserve the right to refuse the training portion of the guarantee based on your attitude - if you're just looking for free training and you haven't seriously invested your time in following the course, the offer of personal training becomes void.

All existing terms, conditions and limited liabilities for Bohemian Vocal Studio apply and can be read in the FAQ section in the top right menu.


I didn't have time to use the course - Can I have the refund?

No, the 30 day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee applies only when you use the course as directed and intended. Misuse of the course, or lack of use of the course makes this guarantee void.

I've only improved a little bit - can I have a refund?

Improvement, growth and progress in any form counts as vocal growth and the course "doing what it says on the box", from an improvement in your breathing, to a better understanding of registers to ongoing progress in your connection.

I didn't like the course - can I have a refund?

These courses are designed to help you sing better and are one of the most comprehensive and well set out courses you will find. If you simply didn't like the course or layout etc - this isn't indicative of the benefits of the course when used properly and doesn't apply to the guarantee. Trust me, apply yourself to the course, practice practice practice and you WILL see growth in your singing.