30 Day Guarantee

30 Day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee

I'm SO serious about your growth as a singer that I'm willing to put my guarantee where my mouth is with a 30 Day Risk Free Guarantee - this is ONLY available on the "Foundation/Growth/Session" pack and not on the single course packs or sessions themselves (scroll further down for terms and conditions)

If we're talking intrinsic value, then each course is worth around three months of weekly Skype coaching sessions with me each, so something like $1,440 per course, plus the extra Skype lesson thrown in for good measure at $120 USD.

Foundation 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Growth 101 - Valued at $1,440 USD

Skype Session - Valued at $120 USD

Total - $3,000 USD

And not only am I going to give you my 30 day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee - basically, if you follow my instructions to the letter, book your session with me and you haven't seen the slightest improvement, zilch growth within 30 days and you see no value in what you've learned; I'll refund you the cost of the courses.

One better than that, until my booking calendar fills up for December, 2021, I'm going to obliterate my own profit margin by slashing the price;

$3,000 USD $349 USD

Now, at this rate - that's barely enough to cover what I spend on hosting this site plus internet and studio costs for our session together; not to mention the tens of thousands of dollars that I've personally spent on learning how to sing myself, and the years (oh the YEARS!) of practice, practice, practice that it's taken to get to this point.

So honestly, I can't keep it at this rate for much longer - and if I didn't believe that it was possible for you to see REAL growth in your singing in 30 days, I wouldn't give you this insane deal with such a CRAZY offer of a refund if your voice doesn't budge an inch in the next 30 days.

Terms and Conditions

The Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee applies to ONLY to "Foundation/Growth/Session" pack and not to the single courses or sessions themselves.

Usage will be tracked and courses must be used as recommended within each course schedule.

If you follow the courses and take your session and see NO progress within 30 days, the course portion (minus the cost of the full Skype Session) will be refunded.

Course access will be revoked at this point, as will membership to the Mixed Voice Group and Growth 101 group.

What do you mean by progress or "any growth" etc?

By "any growth" or "budged an inch" in regards to your vocal progress, this applies to any and all improvements your voice has made and will be gauged in our Skype Session together. If you've improved at lip trills - this counts as growth. If you can connect chest and head voice - this counts as growth. Any improvement in your singing, understanding or ability counts as growth and improvement.

$10 incentive

The $10 incentive offered with the 30 day growth guarantee is strictly limited to all the following terms, conditions and FAQs. Eligibility will be judged in the Skype training session (which must be taken within 30 days of purchase) - courses must have been followed strictly, and any goals/training/advice from the session must be applied for a full week before the incentive will be considered. Bohemian Vocal Studio reserves the right to void the 30 day guarantee and $10 incentive if any instruction, advice or training is deemed to have been violated.

All existing terms, conditions and limited liabilities for Bohemian Vocal Studio apply and can be read in the FAQ section in the top right menu.


I didn't have time to use the course - Can I have the refund?

No, the 30 day Risk Free Vocal Growth Guarantee applies only when you use the course as directed and intended. Misuse of the course, or lack of use of the course makes this guarantee void.

I've only improved a little bit - can I have a refund?

Improvement, growth and progress in any form counts as vocal growth, from an improvement in your breathing, to a better understanding of registers to ongoing progress in your connection.

I didn't like the course - can I have a refund?

The course is designed to help you sing better and is one of the most comprehensive and well set out courses you will find. If you simply didn't like the course or layout etc - this isn't indicative of the benefits of the course when used properly and doesn't apply to the guarantee. Trust me, apply yourself to the course, practice practice practice and you WILL see growth in your singing.

What do you mean by "course portion"

The cost of a full session applies in the Foundation/Growth/Session pack - meaning the cost a full Skype session will be deducted from the cost of the pack if a refund is appropriate.