3 Hacks to activate MIXED voice [Sing great without fail]

Sing great without fail by using these


I’m about to show you how to activate your mixed voice.


Not just talk about it, not just use the term – but actually SHOW you how it’s done.

For me personally, mixed voice was one of those ‘magic key’ kinda things – something I was searching for year after year without really knowing that I was looking for it.

Because terms like mixed voice are a bit of a rat’s nest.




Poorly explained.

Used incorrectly on YouTube.

I even had a singing teacher tell me once that “mixed voice is just marketing hype”.

But I’m here to show you otherwise – because without it, my voice was dead in the water.

… And WITH mixed voice – my voice has now become an absolute powerhouse with limitless range.

Watch the video below to learn exactly how to sing in mixed voice:

If you learned some seriously dynamite tips for singing with Mixed Voice in the video above – I’ve got another super special video that ISN’T actually available on YouTube.

That’s right – this private video is only available here on my website and will show you exactly how to modify your vowel in the way I’m doing in the above video to master my mixed voice in the higher range.

Watch the video now to learn how to do it: Big Dreams? You need a BIG VOICE to match!

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