3 Habits Of Successful Singers

3 Habits Of Successful Singers

It might seem like a successful singer knows a ‘secret’ about singing that you’re not privy to, or that someone who is a great singer is simply gifted or talented when it comes to the art of vocal prowess, but the truth is – a naturally talented singer is simply someone who has an aptitude for the balance and coordination required for a great singing voice, and the only difference is your attitude, your approach, the strength of your foundation, and these 3 habits of successful singers.

#1 – They treat their voice like a new instrument

That’s right, over time your voice and the balance that allows you to sing may change in various ways. If you blindly continue to sing in exactly the same manner today that you were singing yesterday, regardless of whether you are having an off day, whether you have warmed up, or perhaps your balance has changed – you will lose your high range over time and no doubt experience various issues with your voice.

It might be overkill, but I treat my voice like a new instrument every single day. I wake up in the morning with the attitude of “I’m going to learn how to sing today!” and run through the whole process that I use to coach my students develop the singing voices they desire. This allows me to nip any issues in the bud and address any imbalance that may come from a tired voice, any imbalance in the mechanism and even adjust the mental process behind the involuntary elements of the voice.

Treat your voice like a new instrument every time you sing so that you are singing accordingly to the state and balance of your voice. This is the mark of a professional and consistent singer.

#2 – They balance their voices

Despite what you may think, singing has very little to do with ‘strength’ and absolutely everything to do with coordination and balance. Every aspect of the voice comes down to balance, and every issue you experience in singing comes down to an imbalance. To sing an onset correctly you must balance vocal fold closure with release of air pressure, to support your voice you must balance airflow and air pressure, to connect chest and head voice you need to balance your frequencies, vowels and resonance – absolutely every aspect of singing comes down to balance.

When a professional singer warms up their voice, they aren’t going for strength and muscular power in their voices, they are attaining balance. Are you manhandling your voice like a strongman, or balancing your voice like a tight-rope walker? Balance is key to a great singing voice.

#3 – They take care of their voice

You might think you take care of you voice – but be honest with yourself. It’s likely that you do a lot more speaking than a professional singer does, especially when you consider they often maintain consistent periods of vocal rest. Successful singers are always in control of their voices too – if you’re singing with muscular force to ‘hit’ high notes, no doubt you are putting strain on your voice and ultimately aren’t taking care of your vocal health. The food you eat, your mental well-being, your warmup routine, your warm down routine, periods of vocal rest – these all play a part of being a successful singer.

The health of your voice is paramount, and this is never more evident in a successful and professional singer: Their voice is their livelihood, and without it, they can’t sing. Take care of your voice like a pro and you will reap the rewards in spades!

If you want to form better vocal habits and take care of your voice like every successful singer should, then a great place to start is the free foundations short courses available here at Bohemian Vocal Studio, these complimentary courses will show you how to set up a strong vocal foundation just like a professional singer so that you have a rock solid base on which to build the voice of your dreams. When you’re ready to take it to the next level with professional voice coaching and guidance, you canĀ book a Skype Session and we’ll start working towards extending your range and building consistency and control in your voice EVERY time you sing!

If you have any questions about learning how to sing and how the pro’s take care of their voices, feel free to leave any feedback or questions below!

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