3 and 6 month weekly session pack

We’ve just launched a new pack for 3 or 6 months of weekly sessions – they’re available at an introductory 15% or 20% discount respectively and totally take the hassle out of booking each week.

Intended for weekly use, these session packs are the most economical way to take Skype sessions with Bohemian Vocal Studio and run through my full lesson plan for building foundational techniques such as diaphragmatic breathing, air control and resonance technique right through to advanced singing techniques like compression, an introduction to grit (if applicable) and practical work on songs together each week.

3 months = 12 full hour sessions (15% off)

6 months = 24 full hour sessions (20% off)

Founded in 2010, BVS is not only Australia’s premier studio offering Rock Singing Lessons and Vocal technique, we’ve also reached over 12+ different countries so far (and counting!) via Skype Singing Lessons and online singing lessons not to mention the thousands of students that are currently learning to sing by following our free lessons online here at www.bohemianvocalstudio.com

Do you want to build powerful singing voice? Want to learn how to belt? How to sing with Distortion? Like to know what is vocal Grit? Would you love to extend your singing range? Check out the video below for a super quick introduction to some of the techniques I teach here at BVS.

If you’re ready to start building your own powerful singing voice that has character, range and endless tone possibilities, book a session with me now!

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