10 Years Ago I Couldn’t Sing – Today I’m a Pro [Here’s How I Did It]

10 Years Ago I Couldn’t Sing:


I’ll tell you something that not many voice teachers will admit: I was an awful singer.

I strained.

I struggled.

My voice was tired and hoarse.

People begged me to get a real singer for my band instead.

I had less than two octaves of range at my absolute best, on an amazing day.

Basically, I couldn’t sing.

And embarrassingly enough, this was AFTER taking singing lessons for nearly ten years.

I remember laying down vocals for an EP we did at the time, and the producer who recorded us at the time accidentally leaving the ‘talk’ button on while I was in the tracking room laying down vocals saying to the rest of the band who were grimacing in the control room to all my shouting and squeaking:

“Jesus Christ, write songs you can actually sing…. or get a real singer”.

I shit you not.

This was a HUGE turning point for me.

I was tired of being the butt of everyone’s vocal jokes.

I was tired of having a sore voice.

I was sick of missing notes.

Cancelling gigs because I had blown out my voice.

Paying thousands for recording sessions that went terribly because I simply couldn’t sing my own songs.

It was the pits.

But I’m grateful for this turning point, because It has led me to becoming a professional singer.

One who gets asked to be on The Voice every single year:

One who gets crazy feedback about my singing from legions of fans:

Record labels, A&R companies and magazines pounding at my door:

Knowing where I came from, it’s pretty weird to get such incredible feedback about my instrument.

But I know how hard I worked.

I know exactly what went into this voice.

I totally understand why my booking calendar as a voice coach is booked solid for weeks, months and sometimes even 12 months in advance for peak spots.

Because “I’m There”, I finally scaled the wall, I finally slayed the dragon.

I became a better singer.

And I want to help you do exactly the same with the simple, practical and PROVEN approach that I’ve used to take my voice from less than one octave of strained, hoarse yelling to a world class instrument I’m totally proud of.

Let me share with you just ONE of the four keys that I’ve used to master my high range;

If you’ve read this far, and you watched the video above – you must really be serious about this whole singing thing.

So I want to help you along by give you a little something extra to help you get started.

In fact, a whole LOT extra.

Something HUGE.

All my training materials, all in one place – for free.

#1 – Mastering The Art of Singing

This guide is amazing.

Seriously amazing.

There’s more technique, training, insight and knowledge in this one little guide than in many paid training courses – and I’m simply giving it to you for free.

#2 – Vocal Quick Start Guide

I get it, there’s a lot of techniques and concepts to learn all at once in the masters guide, so here’s a footnote summary of everything you need to do to get started today, and how to do it.

If you’re confused about how to get started, or you’re having trouble pulling the trigger on a vocal approach, this guide is now your go-to manual for how to become a better singer.

#3 – Vowel Modification Cheat Sheet

This is what you’ve been waiting for – but noone else is ever going to show you.

Modifying your vowels is the key to extending your range in full voice with no vocal breaks, no flipping to head voice, no weakness and no strain – so it makes sense that most vocal coaches keep this powerful information close to their chest and are quite careful about how and who they share this with.

And I’m going to show you exactly how to do it in this vowel modification cheat sheet – again, completely free.

#4 – Invitation to special Vowel Modification Q&A

Phew! You’re really getting the works here.

Along with the incredible training guides I’m sharing with you, I’m also going to go out on a limb and invite you to my special Vowel Modification Q&A Training Session.

If you’ve got questions about how to sing vowels correctly – this Q&A has the answers.

Add your details below to receive the Mastering The Art of SingingVowel Modification Cheat Sheet and Vocal Quick Start guides and an invitation to my special Vowel Modification Q&A Training Session.

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