10 Tips to make you sing better instantly

As a professional vocal coach, I’m often asked for my “singing secrets” or my secret “singing tips and tricks” – I’ll tell you the truth I wish I was told from day one;

There IS no secret to singing

It’s all about proper singing technique and building a healthy voice. If you follow these 10 simple tips, you’ll be singing better instantly and sending your singing voice into a much healthier direciton.

  1. Don’t push, don’t strain, don’t yell and don’t shout – your vocal folds are very small, delicate and require very controlled treatment. You only have one voice, use it wisely!
  2. Middle Voice is the key to bridging your “chest voice” and your “head voice” – I recently put together a lesson showing you how to increase your range with middle voice, you’ll thank yourself for checking it out.
  3. Vowel Positions are key to relieving strain as you ascend. Commonly referred to as vowel modification, try moving your voice back towards your soft palate as you ascend and making a subtle “AH” or “OH” sound – that’s the first vowel position.
  4. Vocal placement is a necessity for baritone singers in particular, but all voice types will benefit from developing vocal placement and learning to control your frequencies properly.
  5. Volume has no place in healthy singing technique – you should be building RESONANCE, not volume. An attempt to increase “Volume” for most singers actually results in thicker vocal chords and causes vocal strain. Learn to place and release your voice into resonance for a bigger, more powerful sound.
  6.  Stop pulling chest voice up into your middle register, the sooner you release all that weight from your voice, the sooner you’ll be singing with a healthy, powerful Middle Voice tone and your vocal break will disappear
  7. Sing with a bright timbre – a dark tone is unhealthy for your voice and not only make you pitchy when you sing, but also lead to a miriad of other problems and voice issues in the long run.
  8. Breath Support is where you should be focussing your energy and power, not your vocal chords or throat. To sing higher, think “down” and support your resonance with your breathing technique.
  9. Diction vs. Enunciation is a common issue most singers, even the professionals sometimes don’t understand. You should be singing your consonant sounds in an open, free manner rather than overpronouncing them. Try it with a word starting with a “W” like “WAR” – can you feel how constricted that “W” is? Try it again with an “OO” vowel instead of a “W” vowel – can you feel how OPEN and much clearer both the consonant AND the rest of the word is? That’s a proper approach to diction, not over enunciation like is commonly taught in musical theater.
  10. The right approach is incredibly important to developing a healthy singing voice, and if you REALLY click with your coach you really can learn to sing using these ten tips to sing better instantly!

If you’re ready to work on you singing technique and build on these 10 tips even further, you can book a session with me in the international Skype calendar to your right.

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